Diamond Smoothies For Breakfast

  • When:10/31/14
  • QIC: Busch
  • The PAX: Fletch, Bulldog, Cottonmouth, Brown, Alf, Hacksaw, Beaver, Splinter, Sanka, Harley, Big League Chew, Turkey Leg, Geraldo, Sue Suedio, Bananas, Busch

Diamond Smoothies For Breakfast

20 Diamond Merkins on your own, mosey, 20 Diamonds, mosey and zig zag up and down long stretch of hill to the end.
20 Diamonds, mosey once more to get the legs warmed up.
Get in groups of 4, and 4X4 it was for a team hill sprint competition up and down the ladder at the steepest grade, do your sprints and tag your teammate through your 4 man team.
1st place – 20 Diamond Merkins
2nd place – 30 Diamond Merkins
3rd and 4th place – 40 Diamond Merkins
1x up – at top do 10 jump squats, group at bottom does Merkins – after team finishes pay your penance based on place
2x up – at top do 10 jump squats, group at bottom does Dry Docks – Pay Penance
3x up – at top do 10 lunges, group at bottom does Supermans – PP
4x up – at top do 20 jump squats, group at bottom does Ab Squeezers to Flutters- PP
3x up – at top do 10 jump squats, group at bottom does Merkins – PP
2x up – nothing at the top, group at bottom does Dry Docks – PP
1x up – nothing at the top, group at bottom does Merkins
Mosey back to parking lot
20 Diamonds upon arrival
20 Dry Docks
5 Diamonds

The 16 lads that showed up tested their chesticles to see what they were made of…exhaustion was acheived, not sure about the exuberation. It is always fun to throw something competitive in to make sure people are pushing to their running limit. I will say, I saw some boys flying today fo sho! Even the big men were hauling up and down the hills. Very impressive effort today, the Kevlar boys always drop the hammer! We did a little shuffling of the teams part of the way through to even out a few of the boys who seemed to always only have the 20 Diamond Penance. Thanks for the honor to lead as always, you men of Area 51 are why I come out each time!

Shoe Drive – bring your shoes to Shoe Shoedio

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9 years ago

Tough one today brother. You know it was a good one when you don’t ever want to do it again. Nice job.

9 years ago

Great job today and thanks Busch, plenty of merkins to go around and getting the competitive juices going. The zig zag on the hill reminded me of the mud run.

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