Snow Man on Fire Part Deux / “The Beatdown”

  • When:10/25/14
  • QIC: Snowman & CT
  • The PAX: Glass Joe, Double E, Electric Slide, Turnpike, Hair Band, Donut Hole, Countertop, Snowman, Nekot, Drop Thrill, Shepherd

Snow Man on Fire Part Deux / “The Beatdown”

10 Men gathered in the gloom of Outland for a frosty beatdown. Snowman was on a mission to prove that his previous showing of over the top vivaciousness wasn’t a one time deal as he lead the PAX for a brutal conclusion to the week’s voluntary drubbing.

The Thang

CT kickoffs the Q

Slow mosey through the parking lot and a couple trips around Electric Slide’s motor coach while he changes out of his bunny slippers and into some proper footwear and then over to the shovel flag.

– SSH x 20
– IW x10 and a failed transition into Imperial Squats (IS). basiccally an Imperial Walker with a quat in between. YHC couldn’t get the count right so the PAX had to set me straight. once i learned to call count it went much better
– Imperial Squats x20
– Perfect Merkin x10
– LBC x10

Indian Run over to Shiloh Elem playground with a Squat walk through the gauntlet and Fence Burpees x10 (always a crowd pleaser).

She Hate Me ~ 5 minutes
– Step ups x40
– Mule kicks on the swings x20
– Decline Merkins x10

Indian Run back to the SVMS parking Lot with various pains stations and agility work along the way.

Hand off to Snowman

  • Indian run 20 LBCs
  • Plank
  • Indian run
  • 15 merkins / Plank
  • Indian run

Grab a rock and a partner and line up at the practice field

Partner 1 does the following:

  • Run to cone #6 / 25 merkins
  • Run to cone #5 / 25 back scratchers
  • Run to cone #4 / 25 Carolina dry docks
  • Run to cone #3 / 25 LBCs
  • Run to cone#2 / 25 Freddie mercury
  • Run to cone#1 / 25 side straddle hop

Partner 2 uses the rock

  • 1st set 15 curls
  • 2nd 15 rock squats 
  • 3rd set 15 chest compressions
  • 4th set 15 tricep extensions
  • 5th set rock15 squats
  • 6th set hold rock out at arm length

As partner was doing was running to the cone and doing the work out there, partner 2 does the rock workout. Both partners switch when one gets back or work out is completed. After that we did tunnel of love. Then we put the rocks back and did a Indian run back to the shovel flag. We stopped along the way to do 10 merkins ( I think that’s what we did) and then mosey to the base of the hill and do reverse lunge up the hill and run to shovel flag.  At shovel flag did Merkin around the clock adn couple minutes of Mary.  

Moleskin: Snowman brought his almost famous energy and enthusiasm to the lead this week for his inaugural lead. This began by double E calling him out on Friday to lead the next day and Snowman accepting and in turn challenging every one of the PAX to post no excuses. Strong start and a great job leading the pax through a brutal beatdown.

Story of the day.. All PAX were working on minimal sleep, as usual, but Glass Joe wins the prize by staying out all night Friday and posting with less than 3 hours of sleep. To boot he arrived @ 0600 for a five mile run with Double E and then into the normal hour beatdown from 0700 – 0800. T-Claps brother… i hope you got a nap that afternoon.


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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Great VQ Snow Man! Told ya you could do it.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Good to have Nekot back in the Pax too.

Glass Joe
9 years ago

Hey wait, this actually got posted. #kidding #onlyslightly I think I may still be recovering from back-to-back posts with only 3 hours of sleep in between. Not my brightest idea ever.

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