Getting Decked

  • When:10/28/14
  • QIC: Soft Pretzel
  • The PAX: Frehley's Comet, Honey Bee, Long Haul, Pop, Mermaid, Skywalker, Dig Dug, Margo, Morning After, Puppy Love, Parfait, Blades of Glory, Dumpster Fire, Chipotle, Outback, Mr. Bean, Big Tuna, Rump Roast, Market Timer, Strange Brew, Wingman, Madame Tussaud, Garbage Plate, Peaches, Patch Adams, Market Timer, Escargot, Dear Abby, Tutti, Garbage Plate, Soft Pretzel

Getting Decked

26 men for Bagpipe this morning and another 5 for Swift makes 31.  Here’s how things went at Bagpipe:

Disclaimer is read and while we wait for some late arrivals, a few of the PAX chat about last night’s Cowboys/Redskins game, prompting Frehley’s to comment on the injury to Troy Aikman.  Wow.  He might never live this down. Congrats to the PAX who followed with questions about Don Meredith and Danny White… nice references both.  And with that…

The Thang: Mosey to BB&T lot for warm up (all IC): 25 SSH, 20 slow squats, 15 merkins, 20 mountain climbers.  Then over to the parking deck for the main event.

Parnter Up.  Take turns doing sets of 10 burpees while other partner does squats.  Finish with 60 burpees total (3 sets each) then AYG to the top of the deck.

Next, P1 runs to the bottom and back while P2 alternates 20 merkins and 20 LBCs.  Flapjack.  Then P1 runs while P2 does people’s chair with shoulder presses.  Flapjack again.  Finally, bear crawl to the end or the deck and back.

For Mary, lunge walks down each ramp.  At each platform, stop for two exercises until we reach the bottom.  20 dollies, 20 flutters, 15 heels to heaven, 10 ski jumps, plank-o-rama, 20 russian twists, 20 rosalitas.

Finish with 30 merkins and 5 burpees then mosey back.  Plan-o-rama to kill ~3 minutes.

Moleskin: Great effort by the group and always a pleasure to lead when everybody is pushing each other through.  The parking deck runs are nobody’s favorite but everybody gave it their all.  A big happy birthday to Blades of Glory who turned 50 today!  Thanks for taking us out as well – hope that Bagpipe was the start of a great day for you

Announcements: 1.) Bring your shoes for the shoe drive.  2.) Group of Area 51 PAX will be traveling to Greensboro to support a new workout launch.  Check web site for details and contact Skywalker if you are interested in a clown car.  3.) New workout “Dromedary” starts tomorrow at Marvin Ridge High.

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9 years ago

Great Q SP. I think Roger Staubeck was mentioned in response to the Troy Aikman comment as well. Good stuff. I think the ankle is back in shape now. Let me know if you need a Q spot filled.


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