The Kevlar Jackpot

  • When:10/24/14
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Flutie Flakes, Susudio (Respect), Orange Whip, Simba, Young Love, Turkey Leg, Good Hands, Tiger Rag, Puddin' Pop, Beaver (Respect), Bulldog, Horsehead, Bananas, Geraldo, Sanka, Cottontail, Goon, Alf (Q)

The Kevlar Jackpot


18 PAX arrived at Kevlar to put a coin in the slots to see what turned up.  A spin of the wheel and 7-7-7’s hit.  Jackpot!

0530:  If you have long sleeves – 10 burpees.  If you have short sleeves 15 burpees because you need to warm up.

Long mosey around the campus to warm up with butt kickers, high knees, shuffle looking that way, shuffle looking this way, and lunge walks.


SSH x 20

Merkins x 20 (grumbling already for having to do a whole 40 merkins in a row.)

Parker Peters x 20

Low Slow Squat x 20

The Thang:

Grab a rock your not embarrassed of and head over to the base of the triple hill by the church doors.  Partner up.  Size does not matter.

P1 – 7 Rock curls, 7 Rock Overhead Presses, 7 Rock triceps extensions repeat until P2 returns

P2 – Sprint to street but stop at the base of each of the 3 hills for 7 incline merkins on the way up.  3 sets of 7 decline merkins on the way back down.


Round 2:

P1 – 7 Goblet Squats, 7 Monkey Humpers, & 7 Bear Squats repeating

P2 – 3×7 jump tucks on the way up.  3×7 squat jumps on the way down

Round 3:

P1 – Repeat of Round 1

P2 – 3×7 Staggered arm merkins Right on the way up.  3×7 staggered arm merkins Left on the way down.  (And take your rock with you for the staggered arms)

Round 4:

P1 – Repeat of Round 2

P2 – 3×7 Goblet Squats on the way up.  3×7 Thrusters on the way down (carry your rock with you)

Round 5:

P1 – 7 Flutter Press, 7 Dolly Press, & 7 Louganis repeating

P2 – 3×7 LBC’s on the way up.  3×7 LBC’s on the way down (Sorry, couldn’t think of another good one for the way down)

Plank-o-rama between rounds.

Return rocks

Back to cars for:

Flutters x (inaudible grunts) in cadence

Burpees x 15 OYO


Some early chatter about Header’s poor gambling skills by betting TR’s burpee’s to his short sleeves all winter.  Remember, frost bite only hurts at first, then the flesh dies and you don’t feel anything.  18 degrees is only 3 short months away.

Shoe-Shoe-Dio (TR’s trademark) was killing it out there per usual.  Not that it stopped him from winning but, he was a bit quick out of the gates each time.  #WileyVeteran

YHC provided the last ever demonstration of the Bear Squat.  Certainly after that no one will ever request another demo.

15 pairs of shoes were donated to #SoleRedemption.  10 by Tiger Rag.  I believe his debts were paid and based on Joust’s numbers there will be no debt incurred for this week.

I am not sure if it was an officially sanctioned F3 swap meet this morning, but Susidio was fencing a bunch of Under Armor gear at low prices.  I think it still had some hard plastic security tags on it so if you bought it, I wouldn’t recommend wearing into a store with the door alarms.  Cash only if your interested.  Small, unmarked, non-sequential bills.  All transactions in a dark parking lot in the early morning hours.

Thanks to Simba for the great send off and the reminder to keep the focus on family and children.  Time is precious and you don’t know when it will run out on you.



New Union County workouts next week including Wednesday at Marvin Ridge Middle School.  Bananas and Bratwurst are site Q’s.  Not sure what chef combined those two on a plate but I would guess they pair nicely with a 2013 bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 from 7-11 (Electric Melon flavor.)

Keep bringing the shoes to a site near you for #SoleRedemption.



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Uncle Leo
9 years ago

Alf-your knowledge of the 7-11 spirits section and available selection of Mad Dog flavors is impressive and a bit concerning. Is this the origin of the #NightTrain name?

9 years ago

I always took you for an Orange Jubilee man myself.

9 years ago

Strong Q today Alf. I was unsuccessful in following the called order, “grab a rock you won’t be ashamed of.” I thought I was okay but under the lights my rock grew thinner and looked like it fell off TR or Youngloves boulders.
Bananas was killing It out there today, as was ShoeShoeDio. Can’t keep up with that Under Armor fencing 51 year old.
Looks like TR escaped having to pony up another 10 pairs.

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