HIIT Me With Your Best Shot!

HIIT Me With Your Best Shot!

It was a nice cool morning for a beatdown to get your Friday started right…

The Thang

Hairband mile to warmup

Side Straddle Hops x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
Slow Squat x 20 Oh look! The Late Show holding true to name.
Merkins x 10

Quick mosey to the side of the school to circle up and each take a HIIT.
High Intensity Interval Training 1 round = 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest 3 rounds per station AMRAP as follows:
Step/jump ups
Kettlebell curls
Kettlebell bent rows
Overhead Ruck sack press (6 bricks, 30lbs)
High Knees
Elbow Plank

On the wall for active recovery 45 seconds, drop an inch 30 seconds, off the wall.
Back on the wall, 40 air presses recover.


Flutter 20
Dolly 20
LBC’s AMRAP 1 minute


Well a little quieter than the past 2 workouts but there were a few we were expecting that could not escape the fartsack. Oh well, the PAX that showed are better for it! I had been wanting to try a HIIT workout for a while but never got around to it, then Bulldog did one at Skunkworks so figured it was a sign for me to break out my version.

On paper I was worried 45 seconds on 15 off would not be enough of a workout… Pretty sure we would all agree we got our money’s worth and then some. I know I am already a little sore. As always an honor to lead. Start EH’ing friends and lets get Overdrive filled with FNGs. We all have people we know that need this so who are they? Start inviting them!

Great job to all, see you in the gloom!

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Tibatas (the other word for those) are intense. I’ve done them 1 minute on and 30 seconds off, and 30 seconds on, 10 off. Either way I was always smoked. Good job guys.

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