Load em up and head em out.

  • When:10/20/14
  • QIC: Udder
  • The PAX: Morning star, White snake, Huggy bear, Tawny, Hopper, FNG (Alan Presley) Peeper, Pele, Geraldo, Fireman Ed, Passport, Insomniac, Suarez, Smash, Udder (QIC)

Load em up and head em out.

14 men rose from the comfort of the heat being flipped on for the first time this year and did not cringe from the Q’s multiple attempts to warn Pax of the impending doom they faced with the dreaded… GORUCK. Yes this is Base Camp, and yes, this is a moderate workout but as they say in GoRuck, Light does not equal Easy.

Quick ruck summary, count off for official number (14) and away we gooooo!

COP – Pax form 2 ranks (rows)
Ruck on/off (You have 10 seconds to get your ruck on from the ground and fit to your needs) 10x exercise for success. 15x for failure.
SSH x 10
Merkins x 10
Squats x 10
Mtn Climbers x 10

Congrats gents you can put on a backpack. Partner up. Next up, Selection Test.

Selection test (Army Physical Fitness Test – Part 1)
2:00 55 push-up min (Pax encouraged to do as many in 2 mins as possible)
2:00 rest
Grab your partner.
2:00 65 sit-up min (Pax encouraged to do as many in 2 mins as possible)

Now that we have a baseline to work from take it and go brag to your M. Mosey on over to an extra gloomy space of the parking lot to find… a makeshift log made from a 6′ 4″x4″ landscape timber strung through 3 cinder blocks. (roughly 120-150lbs) Oh and look, there’s 2 more lonely cinder blocks to carry. Load em up and move em out. Short ruck around large grassy/dirty/muddy field behind SCMS bus lot. Alternate rucks, coupons and log as needed. Three right turns and we’re back where we started. Drop em. Good job men!

Mosey on to said grassy/dirty/muddy field and lets have ourselves a welcome party. Abbreviated of course. Grab your partner and form up 2 ranks.

Partner drag – Partner 1 drags (under arms) partner 2 20 yards to first bball goal. Flap Jack. P2 drags P1 to next bball goal. Grab a ruck if you haven’t had one and Rinse/Repeat.
Seal sit-ups x20 – 2 ranks, face eachother, shoulder to shoulder interlock feet and push em out. (crowdpleaser)
Bear crawl – Row one goes followed by row 2. Swap a Ruck if you haven’t had one.
Buddy high-5 push-ups x20 – Face partner and let’s see who has coordination.

Form up the 2 ranks again. Check that. Spread out, we need the room.

3 Part Harmony – From standing Q says
“Front” – drop and start knocking out some push-ups
Q says,
“Back” – roll over on your six and get some crunches done
Q says,
“Roll Right” (what do you think happens here?)
Then “Roll Left” (you should be back where you started)
“Feet” – pop up to your feet.
5 rounds of this was completed roughly 25 of each exercise.

Ruck around Parade Field and deposit heavy stuff next to YHC’s truck.

Almost had the Pax thinking this was the end when YHC asks everyone to join him on the nice soft fluffy (wet) grass next to the school. Line up front to back. Face right and assume the Front Plank Position. Yes my friends, no GoRuck event is complete without a Tunnel of Love. 14 guys got down and dirty. ‘Nuff said

Moleskin: Great group out there this morning. Glad to see so many guys out there looking to better themselves and try out some new things. GoRuck PT is not your typical Moderate intensity workout but YHC knew that the Pax could hack it. Thanks for enduring my antics and ridiculous implements of destruction. DFQ was in the house and you all can be proud of the fact that what you did this morning is exactly what you would do in a GoRuck Light event. That said, go sign up for the CLT 11/8 GRL. https://www.goruck.com/e/71a7a8dd0e614753a7bb1413c2dcbead

Simba is collecting “gently used” shoes for Basecamp – Bring some shoes.
Basecamp is looking for some Q’s. See Fireman Ed or Passport to step up and lead.
F3 Xmas party – See weekly email and save the date on your calendar.
Joe Davis Run – See weekly email or http://f3nation.com/2014/10/17/2015-joe-davis-memorial-run-preblast-registration/

Ball of man: Udder out

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9 years ago

I know putting together this workout was a lot of effort, Udder…..and it paid off. Great job! I had a blast doing it and trying something different.

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