Olympus’ 1 Year Anniversary

  • When:10/18/24
  • QIC: Gullah and The Hoff
  • The PAX: Alf, Fletch, Mighty Might, Yankee, South Paw, Santa, Ralphie, Ikki Shuffle, Big League Chew, Gabriel, Jordy, Winterplace, Gullah (QIC) and The Hoff (QIC)

Olympus’ 1 Year Anniversary

Yes, the insanity hit a record high today as Ralph volunteered his Truck to be entered into the gear rotation…how could we resist?  However, the first half started with an epic cardio smoke fest lead by Gullah that has us all gasping for air!

The Thang: GULLAH on Q First Half

Warm up:

SSH x 25

Wide Arm Merkin x 20

Stagger Merkin L x 10

Stagger Merkin R x 10

Partner Up: Catch Me if You Can to Stop Sign

– P1 Merkins x 10, Sprint to P2

– P2 Farmer Carry Kettle Bells

– Flapjack

200’s On the Hill:

– P1 Sprints to bottom of the hill, Wide Arm Merkins x 10, Sprints back up hill to relieve P2

– P2 KB Swing

– Flapjack, Rinse and Repeat until accumulative 200 Reps reaches

Partner Up: Catch Me If You Can Back To Start Point

– P1 Merkins x 1, Sprint to P2

– P2 Farmer Carry Kettle Bells

– Flapjack


– 14 Stations

     – Fire Hose is the timer (when Fire Hose returns, everyone move to next station)

     – Continuous movement at all stations (when possible)


– Duck Walk 30 yards

– Fire Hose Run 150 yards

– Side-to-Side 65lbs Sand Gag Squat Thrusters Overhead R/L

– Weighted Sled Pull x 100 yards

– 45lbs Plate Overhead Carry 100 yards

– 115 lbs Clean and Jerk with Press Barbell

– Hairburners x 60 yards

– Bent-over Rows with 88lbs Kettle Bell (single or two arm)

– Medicine Ball Squat Thrust Throws (single bounce catch)

– Truck Pull (yes, we literally pulled a truck with a harness and chains today…#badass)

– Truck Driver

– Rope Kettle Bell Pulls Over Basket Ball Goal

– Bicep Curls

– Tricep Extensions

COP; Round Robin

– Pax grab bells and circle up (wide circle)

– P1 pulls weighted sled around circle and calls out KB Exercise for Pax to perform

– When P1 returns, hands off sled to P2 where P2 calls next exercise

  Kettle Bell Exercises:

– Goblet Squat, Flutter Kick with Bell Press, Single Arm Alternating KB Swing, Overhead Press, KB Swing, Louganis, etc.

Tug of War

– Pax were broken up into 2 teams

– Best of 3, winning team assesses penalty

– Team 1 Wins 2-0

– Rewards T2 with 15 Burpees; 10 Burpees for winning team



Today was our 1 year anniversary.  Hard to believe it’s been a whole year of moving iron over at Olympus and Gullah and I are excited to see where 2015 takes this site.  Special shot out to our ORIGINALS….I am not sure if this has ever happened before on a 1 year anniversary in the past.  We had all the original men from the first day post on the 1 year anniversary.  Props to: Big League Chew, Mighty Mite, Alf, Yankee, Gullah and Hoff.

As for the the regulars that we’ve picked up along the year.  Our site would be nothing without all of your efforts, commitment, dedication and creativity.  Your input and time spent with us has molded Olympus into what it is today (a CSAUP site for sure) :)!   Ralphie – Thank you for letting us pull your truck today…which was likely the epitome of any CSAUP workout addition we’ve ever done!


– Gullah to be the Shoe Q for Olympus.  Please bring in your gently used shoes or new shoe donations to our workouts on Saturday.  F3 is trying to raise 300 pairs of shoes in Area 51.

– F3 Christmas Party, Sugar Creek Brewery (The Old, Olde Meck Brewery) December 6th, 2014

To all the others, it was an honor to lead this group today.  Efforts like this make being a Q so rewarding.  Thank you and hope to see each of you again in the future.

Respectfully – The Hoff

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High Tide
9 years ago

Wow! Great workout, and congratulations on the 1 yr of Olympus! Hated to miss this one, but I’ll be sure to join from time to time. Aye.

9 years ago

This looks like a great workout. I’m sorry I missed it, but I was getting some 2ndF with my oldest 2.0s at Y Guides camp. Congrats on the anniversary.

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