Diet or Exercise? It Depends.

  • When:10/16/14
  • QIC: High Tide
  • The PAX: Stagecoach, Bananas, Gullah, Baracas, Hacker, Bulldog, Busch, Brown, Chanel, Probation, Brushback, High Tide (Q)

Diet or Exercise? It Depends.

A dozen meatheads gathered in the gloom this morning, giddy with excitement over the cooler temps, the prospect of using a lighter bell, or both.  We did make good use of both, getting in plenty of work and 0.0 running.

The Thang:

Mosey to playground and circle up (more of a horseshoe, really)


  • SSH – 25 IC
  • IW – 25 IC
  • Slow Squat – 20 IC
  • (welcome, Bananas (#LIFO), who completes our horseshoe into a circle)
  • 2-hand swing – 15 IC


4 Turkish Getups (2/side)(modify w/ lighter or no KB, as needed) & 10 pullups

Superset 1:

  • Snatches – 10 per side
  • Hand Release Merkins – 15
  • Rinse & Repeat 5 times total, dropping the counts to 5 snatches/side & 10 merkins for rounds 4 & 5

4 Turkish Getups (2/side) & 10 pullups

Superset 2:

  • Bottoms-up Press – 5 per side (lighter bell recommended)
  • Teabag Squats (aka deadlifts) – 25
  • Rinse & Repeat 3 times total

4 Turkish Getups (2/side) & 10 pullups

Superset 3:

  • Lawnmower Rows – 15 per side
  • Goblet Squats (go low) – 15 per side
  • Rinse & Repeat 5 times

4 Turkish Getups (2/side) & 10 pullups

Superset 4:

  • 1-hand swing – 10 per side
  • Cleans – 10 per side
  • Rinse & Repeat, as time allows (2x total)

Time – Done



  • F3 Shoe Drive for Charlotte Rescue Mission – bring used shoes to any workout site the week of Nov 10-15th.  If they’re falling apart, don’t bring them.  If they’re smelly, wash them.  Otherwise, treat yourself to a new pair and donate your old ones to someone who needs them.
  • Area 51 Christmas Party – Dec 6, Sugar Creek Brewery – more details to come
  • Kevlar – Tiger Rag on Q tomorrow
  • Joust – Busch on Q tomorrow
  • Meathead shirts – yes, the rumor is true.  A sleeveless Meathead shirt is in the works.  Keep posting for more details (and to work on your guns).


Lots of energy and mumblechatter this morning, which makes the workout seem less like work (except for the heavy pieces of iron lying about).  The mumblechatter continued loudly through COP, such that YHC isn’t quite sure of the counts, but no matter, we warmed up sufficiently anyway.  Thanks, Bananas, for joining our merry bunch in COP to complete our circle and give us an even dozen.

The mumblechatter came to an abrupt end after COP and the first set of TGU/pullups when YHC called for the Snatch/Merkin superset and to repeat it 5 times.  It was a unanimous #unsavory #crowdpleaser.  There was an audible thrown in to decrease the reps for rounds 4 & 5, so that we could maintain good form and there were no noted objections.

(The plan called for 5 rounds for all the supersets; however, YHC began audibling down, based on time running short and collective need.  Call out if what we completed is misrepresented, as I lost track and want to give us credit for the hard work we put in.)

The bottoms-up presses were a new move at Meathead, and all agreed with their potential for building grip strength, provided you didn’t smash in your face in the process.  Our lighter bells were not light enough, in some cases.  Let’s expect to see that one again, as we work to increase the grip strength of our non-dominant hand.  Note: many theories were floated as to the reason for difference in strength between dominant and non-dominant hands, but none were conclusive.

General consensus:  Turkish getups suck.  They’re hard, awkward, and we don’t like them.  But, like castor oil, it is said they’re good for you, so we pressed on.

The rest of the workout was the meat potatoes we all love: lawnmower rows, goblet squats, 1-hand swings, & cleans.  Not many complaints by this point, other than we were all pretty beat down by then.  Except, there were occasional malodorous emissions, which prompted the discussion:  is it the diet or the exercise?  A proposal was made for a mandatory pre-Meathead meal to control the source – more details forthcoming.  Additionally, consideration will be given to swapping out compression shorts for Depends, just in case.  #shart

Thanks to Busch for taking YHC seriously and bringing “all your bells”.  After double farmer carries to and from the playground, Busch’s four bells provided considerable variety for him, Bulldog, Brown, and the rest of S CLT.  Aye!

In addition to the Meathead shirt mentioned above, Brown announced a forthcoming full line of Meathead branded products, such as: cropped undershirts from his HS football days, zumba/parachute pants, logo’ed Depends, fanny packs, and more.  Launch date: TBD, as designs and angel investors are still being sought.

Thanks, as always, for the opportunity to lead.  It’s an honor, and a lot of fun.

Thanks, Busch, for the closing prayer.


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9 years ago

2 TGUs per side??!! Now wonder those things took me forever. I was doing 4 per…2x the work. Ateast until I collapsed under my own weight and converted to doing lunges. Aye! Great backblast HT!!

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