Mosey to the Park

  • When:10/13/14
  • QIC: Fireman Ed
  • The PAX: Hopper, Pele, Gummy, Robin Hood (WD), Relo (resp), Crawl Space (FNG), Smash, Freedom, Header, Whitesnake, High Tide, Geraldo, Morning Star, Tawny, Fireman Ed (Q)

Mosey to the Park

15 men broke free from their cushiony prisons and entered the gloom for a Monday morning beat down.

The thang:

Warm up:

A couple laps around the parking lot with some high knees and butt kickers.

Circle up:
20 X SSH
15 X slow squats
20 X Imperial Walker
10 X merkins


After training for a marathon with Stonecold this weekend I thought I would bring running to base camp, ok I just did the last few miles with him after he ran 12.

We began the mosey to the park, along the way we had three stops

Stop 1. 10 X merkins

  1. 10 X wide grip merkins
  2. 10 X close grip merkins


After arriving at the park outside of the playground, we did some LBCs until the whole pack was there.

Then we did two rounds of exercises

Round 1:
10 pullups
10 squats
10 merkins
10 step ups EACH LEG
Lap around the parking lot
Plank exercises
Round 2:
Mosey to the lower soccer fields.
Ring Ring Hello this is Mr. Jack Webb

1 merkin and 4 air presses, then 2 merkins and 8 air presses and so on up to 5.  Then a little modifying jumped to 7 merkins and 28 air presses and next to 9 merkins and 36 air presses.  The Q took a lot of flack for his switching up; Gummy and High Tide wanted him to go back to Q school.

Then we did a couple rounds of LBCs and Freddy Mercury’s

It was now time for the long journey back to the South Charlotte, with a couple Mary breaks in the middle to keep the pack together.

Stop 1. 20 flutter

  1. 10 mason twist
  2. 10 dolley

Once back at the school we made our way to the lavatory building for some peoples chair but not involving the throne, except for the FNG crawl space.  Good facilities at this work out right.
4 rounds of peoples chair

  1. no air presses
  2. 25 air presses
  3. arms straight out
  4. 35 air presses, did not go over well with the pack.

All finished
Great job today pack and it was an honor to lead you all. Don’t worry I do have q school coming up in a few weeks.  Hopefully they will teach me how to fit more into these work outs.  Welcome FNG Crawl Space, head locked by several but Morning Star is the one that showed up to workout with him.  Good job Morning Star and I have seen you have been making several workouts after only 1 week.   Robin Hood it is good to see you back out there again I hope you stay healthy; we need our War Daddy out there.  I almost forgot we one person rucked it today with 4 bricks, tough workout for a ruck great job Geraldo.  All I know it was on at the beginning and the end of the workout.
Header thank you for taking us out in the ball of man.  I hope you all have a great week.


A bunch of shameless plugs from other site Qs for their workouts, I think there was a Meat Head in there, Peak 51, Accent, wherever Gummy is site Q too

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8 years ago

Great Q, FE. Nice tour of Hwy 51 and beyond.

Geraldo, you sitting down for this?

I enjoyed the running today. Found that the key is to dial in my pace. I think in the past I’ve tried to keep up with the Pax, and end up leaving my lungs somewhere out in the gloom.

Have a great week all…

High Tide
8 years ago

Good job, FE, with your busted paw and all. Lots of good 2nd F opportunities today as well.

Worth noting: there was a professional Q at the park and yet none of the pax deserted, even though she sounded more attractive than FE.

Thanks for the Meathead and Ascent plugs…

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