Tic Tac?

  • When:10/11/14
  • QIC: Stumphugger and High Tide
  • The PAX: Relo (WD), Moon River, Goon, Slim Fast, Sonoma, Lumberg, Furly (WD), Byron (KB), High Tide (Q)(KB), Stumphugger (Q)(KB)

Tic Tac?

As the pax rolled in for the 0700 start of Ascent, many were questioning whether they’d stumbled upon #F3Meathead or #F3Olympus after eyeing the 3 swole dudes already there and the assortment of kettlebells scattered around.  Not to worry, guys, just a little pre-KB work going on.  (Tempted to say “nothing to see here”, but there actually was.)  When the dust settled and the toys were put away, 10 pax had assembled on the wondrous grounds of Olde Providence, eager to make their downPAINment on the weekend.  Full disclosure:  no change was provided.

The Thang:

Stump Hugger on Q, properly disclosing the pax


  • Side Straddle Hop (SSH) – 15 in cadence (IC)
  • Imperial Walker (IW) – 15 IC
  • Hand-release Burpees – 10 IC

Slow mosey (2nd F pace) to Harris Teeter, with random stops along the way for called exercises:

  • Little Baby Crunches (LBC’s) – 15 on your own (OYO)
  • Carolina Dry Docks (CDD’s) – 15 OYO
  • Plankorama
  • 10 count
  • Plankorama – Slim Fast

Q sent Byron into Harris Teeter w/ 2 bills to pick up some Tic Tacs. #breathmints #wonthelpthesix #errandrunning #grocerygetter

  • LBC’s
  • Squats – High Tide

Mosey back to Olde Providence – planks along the way

Indian Run for about half the route – passing the Tic Tac baton.

Arrive safely and with all pax back on the OP campus.

High Tide on Q

Mosey to the playground for some child’s play

Set 1 – Playground

  • 10 pullups (modify with supine rows as needed)
  • 20 situps
  • 30 squats

Set 2 – Concession Stand

  • 10 decline merkins
  • 20 step ups (total)
  • 30 Freddie Mercury (total)

Rinse and repeat through both sets 4 times or until time called

Mosey to little ball field and meet

  • Jack Webb (for Runstopper) – up to 5/20 and back down

Mosey to the school wall

  • People’s Chair (and sweat graffiti) with arm raises
  • 15 second rest
  • People’s Chair again with foot raises

Mosey back to the little ball field


  • Sid the Kid (for Strange Brew) – 10 each direction IC
  • LBC’s – 15 IC
  • Protractor (for Low Tide) – various angles  #alwaysacrowdpleaser
  • Dolly – 15 IC





What a great group out today.  Lots of 2nd F chatter.  #Kotters to Relo, attempting to return from an injury.  Good to see you, brother.  Couple of other pax with tweaks too, trying to stay engaged as they work to return to form – glad to have you at Ascent!

Stumphugger and Byron joined YHC for pre-KB at 0630.  Thanks gents!  We got a brief pump, and YHC used them to dry run parts of the Weinke for F3Meathead this week.  (pre-blast: bring a small bell, in addition to your usual gigantor)  Added bonus was the looks and chatter we generated by the arriving pax who thought they had mis-posted to Olympus!

Stumphugger got some grumbles and a near refusnik from some of the pax on the call for a mosey to Harris Teeter, “this isn’t Hydra; that’s why I stopped posting to Hydra”.  Mutiny avoided, it was a good trip off campus and offset the minimal running planned by YHC.

Some good mumblechatter on the call from Stumphugger for Byron to buy some Tic Tacs on our trip to Harris Teeter.  Does someone’s breath stink?  Smells other than breath for the six.  Should we have all brought our shopping lists?  The M wanted me to pickup a gallon of milk while I’m out…  We found out, the Tic Tacs served as the baton for the Indian Run on the way back.  Plus, Tic Tacs were on Stumphugger’s shopping list…

Several of the pax seemed to like the strength portion of the workout with MM (minimal moseying), so YHC took the opportunity to promote F3Meathead.  #0.0  Looking forward to seeing you guys on Thursday!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today.  Thanks for the co-Q, Stumphugger.  For the rest of the pax, let me know when you’d like to lead all or 1/2 of a workout.  It’s fun, you pick the exercises you like(!), and you’re more ready than you probably think you are.

Have a great weekend!


High Tide

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Stump Hugger
9 years ago

Enjoyed the double Q with High Tide today. When a few of the pax commented on running injuries I wondered how we would do. Everyone kept the pax together for a nice fall field trip. Figured Byron would be quick about the purchase. If we are at the store why not pick up something. The cash was a field find from the prior Ascent. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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