just when you thought burpees couldnt get worse…

  • When:10/10/14
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Good Hands, Busch, Tootie, Icabud (sp), Tackling Dummy, Susudio (Respect), Donkey Kong, Simba, Young Love, Big League Chew (Respect), Cottontail, Beaver (Respect), Hacker (LIFO), Simba, Sanka, Far Side (Kotters), Bulldog

just when you thought burpees couldnt get worse…

18 posted for something a little different today at Kevlar.


Mosey to parking lot while dodging the squealing wheels of Hacker.
SSH x 15
IW x 15
Merkins x 12
Mountain climbers x 10
Sprint lap
11’s Diamond merkins/heels to heaven
Lung walks and sprint to school attempting to beat Sussudio
Over to outside gym area
Pick a starting point in circle (45 secs exercising and 15 secs resting)
1) Rowing machine
2) TRX bands
3) Pull up bars
4) Burpees on crash mat
5) KB swings
6) Step ups on box
7) Tractor tire flip
8) KB swings
9) Box jumps
10) Shuttle runs
11) Decline sit ups
12) Perfect push up
13) KB swings
14) Slam ball
Must have missed a few…

Burpees 45 secs 15 sec rest
Spartan burpees 45 secs 15 sec rest
Louganis 45 secs 15 sec rest
Jump squats 45 secs 15 sec rst
Turkish get ups 45 secs 15 sec rest
Wide arm merkins 45 secs 15 sec rest




Utilized a new part of the Kevlar campus today going with a little tabata style workout over on the outside gym. Even though it looks a bit dodgy the outside equipment, timer, and Pandora tunes left their mark on all of the lads. There was a little something for everyone: KB’s for Big League Chew, burpees for Donkey Kong, pull ups and mountain climbers for Busch, a bit of running for Susudio and all of the above for Far Side claiming he was out of shape! Young Love had the perfect form on the crash mat burpees with almost a swan dive technique which seemed way easier on paper. Beaver may have the latest entrance ever to an F3 workout finally finding us tucked away behind the shed!
The Beats pill and Pandora did its job with some good tunes until it came time for the 45 sec burpee rounds. Just when we needed some motivating tunes from ACDC on came the cheesy commercials to make the time just keep going! Good work today lads and have a great weekend.


Third F Compass new book Prodigal God meets at 0630 Fridays.
New Friday workouts in Ballantyne and Indian Trail

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9 years ago

Johnny Cash “Hurt” and the Raegae mattress commercial really helped us finish well.

Ps-I never beat Susuidio.

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