Tapering like a Meathead

  • When:10/02/14
  • QIC: Voodoo
  • The PAX: High Tide (WD - I think), Joker, Prohibition, Brown (WB), Voodoo (QIC)

Tapering like a Meathead

5 strong men descended on Meathead this morning for some light KB work prior to the #F3BigGame this Saturday. After polling the PAX and discovering that only one of us was actually doing the Mud Run (sorry, Brown), we decided to go heavy instead.

The Thang:

Take KBs and head to the track for COP.

SSH x 25 IC

Burpees x 5 OYO

Merkins x 15 IC

Burpees x 5 OYO

Mountain Climber x 20 IC

Burpees x 5 OYO

Partner up by KB size

CMIYC around the track

P1 farmer carry; P2 does 10 hand release merkins before giving chase

The Challenge (take KBs and head to the bus parking lot):

50 clean and press (mix up sides as needed)


AYG to cones and back

50 teabag squats


AYG to cones and back

100 swings


AYG to cones and back

50 Russian twists (R/L = 1)


AYG to cones and back

50 high pulls (mix up sides as needed)


AYG to cones and back

50 overhead press


AYG to cones and back

On your six for some Mary:

LBCs x 30 IC

Heels to Heaven x 25 IC

Dolly x 15 IC

We had some time left, so we did a few more exercises:

10 burpees OYO

HT audible – LSF with KB press x 15 IC

Prohibition audible – KB curls x 25 #DontTellTR


Naked Moleskine:

Thanks to the PAX for coming out for my first Area 51/Gear Q. These are great workouts and Meathead is a solid addition, giving the non-runners a chance to get their swell on.

This workout was based on a great beatdown Young Love delivered at Skunk Works a few weeks ago. I liked it a lot, so I didn’t make too many changes (less running and no burpees).

Joker as always was a beast. He’s strong and fast, but he definitely had some exhaust issues on the Russian Twists.

High Tide provided solid leadership and helped YHC when I had a little more time left at the end than anticipated (thanks to earlier Q audibles). He also dominated the Challenge.

Brown decided to go “easy” today with only a 40 lb. KB, which happens to be what YHC considers his “big” KB. He then proceeded to fly through the Challenge with ease. A true #F3Meathead.

After getting his bionic knee on pre-COP, Prohibition manhandled the workout. He did the CMIYC solo and then powered through the entire Challenge before assisting the Q with another audible for some (illegal) KB curls. TR, what happens at #F3Meathead stays at #F3Meathead.

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High Tide
9 years ago

Nice Q today, Voodoo. Some solid work was done today, and Brown’s 40# KB provided him with adequate taper, I’m sure. #yeahright I’m just glad that Joker was there to share my 45#, so that I had a good excuse to mix in my 35#.

Key learning today: merkins, then burpees = face plant, as Joker and I each observed. Luckily, our mugs emerged unscathed, but the risk is real. #thenoseyousavemaybeyourown

And, yes, today was my VWD (virgin war daddy). Site Q’s were “war-ing” today, as Brown took home the WB.

9 years ago

Great to do some knuckle-dragging with you gents this morning. And with a speed lap around the track and sprints between each kettle bell set we even had a dose of Fast Twitch mixed in with the hardcore muscle building. This was my first ever F3 workout with music, which was a plus… especially since it was a Vodoo grunge mix. And while I did swing the 45-pounder a bit, in full disclosure I must admit that I also took a few swings with my 30-pounder as well. It’s a very heavy 30-pounds though.

9 years ago

Voodoo, Great job this morning! simple and brutal just like a meathead!! Fantastic job and hard work by everyone! Joker, it’s an honor to welcome a workout freak to meathead! thanks for coming out and see you next week for another cardio infused kettlebell workout!

Reply to  Brown
9 years ago

This comment needs more exclamation points.

This workout needs fewer (no) curls.

9 years ago

Haha!!!!!!!!!! Well played!!!!!!!!!!

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