• When:09/27/14
  • QIC: Glass Joe & Zip-A-Dee
  • The PAX: Double E, Electric Slide, Flea, Doughnut Hole, Drop Thrill, Hairband, The Late Show, Swiss Miss, Turnpike, Glass Joe & Zip-A-Dee


11 beasts escaped the fartsack and entered the gloom to beef up their pencil arms for a little Chest’erSizing.


SSH x25

IW x25

ZIPs on Q!

Let’s get moving and mosey to the common area of the middle school as we have a lot to accomplish!

– Partner up (size does not matter)

– Partner 1 – 20 Merkins while P2 performs low hold squats until P1 is complete.

– Flapjack and P2 performs 20 Merkins while P1 performs low hold squats until P1 is complete.

– Rinse and repeat 19, 18 17 etc… down to 1!  #crowdpleaser

Plank exercises until all teams are complete.

– Mosey and line up to the curb for:

– 100 jump ups / Step-Ups off the curb and plank.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill and line up shoulder to shoulder for a sprint up the Hill AYG.  Easy moving recovery mosey back down the hill back to the school and grab some wall.

– 90 second ppls chair w/ air presses.

Hand it off to GJ for his unruly beatdown.


 Round 1 – Abs – At the top, 10 lbcs holding the crunch for a three count on each.  At the bottom, on your 9 with 6 inch leg lifts being held for 20 seconds the first time.  2nd climb: 9 lbcs/25 seconds.  3rd climb: 8 lbcs/30 seconds. 4th climb: 7 lbcs/35 seconds.  5th climb: 6 lbcs/40 seconds.  6th climb: 5 lbcs/45 seconds.  Early finishers plank…..and apparently no one appreciated my effort to see who can fly – Right arm…..uh…..left arm…..FAIL

 Round 2 – Legs – At the top, 10 slow squats.  At the bottom 5 calf risers holding for a three count on each rise.  2nd climb: 9 squats/6 calf risers. 3rd climb: 8 squats/7 calf risers. 4th climb: 7 squats/8 calf risers. 5th climb: 6 squats/9 calf risers. 6th climb: 5 squats/10 calf risers.

After Double E was apparently disturbed by the phrase of ‘Banana Hammock’, it might be time for running.  Mosey to the buses.

 Tour De Bus – With no PEDs present, we do an Indian style run in between the buses where you sprint while going betwen the buses. 

 Mosey back to ‘Da Hill’ for more hillburners.

I had planned to start with a burpees/merkins combo but as I am known for my empathy, I relented and held this off till the end.  Started with 10 burpees at the top and 5 merkins at the bottom.  Went until time finished which had me finishing with Zip doing 8 merkins. 

 The Moleskin:

Great work by everyone.  As always, expect the unexpected as surely HB didn’t expect me to do any core work!  Your lady friends can thank me later for making sure you guys are sexy in your speedos/banana hammocks or whatever it is you actually wear…or don’t wear.  It was inspiring to me to see DT out there at 6 AM to get some running in.  Keep at it Brother.   Appreciate the 6AM mileage with Zip and Double E as well.    

Great workout by all today as the PAX pushed hard!


F3 Overdrive begins on Oct. 10th at 5:30 AM. 

Hopewell 5K: Here is a link on where to register if you can make it.  Donut Hole has promised PRs for all:


Continue to pray for HH

Praying for Electric Slide’s wife as she is dealing with diabetes related injuries. 

 Pleasure to lead and suffer with you gentlemen!  AYE!!!


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Hair Band
9 years ago

I was getting worried this would not make the Thursday deadline. 😉

Great job out there, unexpected workout by Zip also, solid beatdown all around.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

I beginning to think that Outland had gone Anti-BB.

I don’t know where all my pain Sunday and Monday came from, but I was very sore!

I’ll blame Glass Joe.

Hillburners reared their head at Peak 51 today. I told them I had already beat them down Saturday and they had nothing else to say.

Glass Joe
9 years ago

Blame me? I took it easy on the running I thought. Hill burners are just good wholesome fun!

Drop Thrill
9 years ago
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