Peak51 The Hair Band invasion

  • When:09/25/14
  • QIC: Hair Band
  • The PAX: Geraldo, Insomniac, Pele, Turnpike, Sensei, Drop Thrill, Slim Fast, Hair Band (Qic)

Peak51 The Hair Band invasion

8 brave souls ventured out into the ice cold pouring rain… Wait, it was just misty and it was around 60, where is everyone?! Oh well, 8 guys shed the #fartsack for any early morning beatdown here is how thing went.

The Thang
Mosey to back parking lot and circle up!

SSH X 15
IW X 20
Slow Squat X 20
Manmakers X 10

Plank up single file for Indian Bear Crawls. Everyone does Merkins while you wait your turn to bear crawl to the front. X 2 rounds
On your six! Indian Crab Walk. Everyone is doing LBCs while waiting turn to crab walk to front. X 2 rounds

Recover and go grab some wall!
Peoples chair:
Round 1- 30 seconds, drop an inch and sit……
Round 2- w/ 30 airpresses
Round 3- drop and inch w/ 30 air presses.

Mosey to stairway on the side of the school and partner up
P1 does called exercise, P2 runs around the island. Go until partners reach a combined 100 reps
Round 1: Carolina Dry Docks
Round 2: Step Ups
Round 3: Squats.
A little plank work mixed in between rounds

By an involuntary request by Geraldo next up was a visit from Jack Webb 1 Merkin/4 air presses up to 5
Mosey back to where it all began for some Mary

Flutter x 20
LBCs x 40
Dolly x 20
Protractor – 90, 45, 10, 90, 45, 10 hold it…………

Great work out there! The Indian Bear Crawls and Crab Walks were a real #crowdpleaser at #F3Outland last week so I figured I would introduce it here also. While up on the wall I heard Geraldo mention wanting Jack Webb to visit, well that’s what I thought I heard, so while it was not on the #Weinke, it’s never a bad thing to call an audible for a visit from Jack.

Since I have only visited Peak51 a few times I was trying to walk the line of pushing everyone while throwing in enough 10 counts to keep it moderate, hopefully I succeeded with a good solid workout for everyone. It was an honor to lead you guys in the gloom, AYE! (Thanks to Drop Thrill for taking us out!)

– F3Overdrive launches at Sun Valley Middle School Friday 10/10 EH your Union County friends and send them our way!

– Mud run and Palmetto 200 are on the horizon, check the website for details.

If I missed anything shout it out in the comments!

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Great beatdown HB. Bunch of peeps missed out on a great workout.

I would say call this one: Play Misty For Me (with all the mist falling from the sky), but as that was a horror movie I’m not sure how it will fit. lol

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Looks like we got 1 Uped by Hydra with forward and backward bear crawls. :)

Don’t get any ideas for #Outland.

9 years ago

Man, the ONE day I can’t make it out, and it’s Hair Band day. I would’ve broken out an old Tesla t-shirt or something for the occasion.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Whitesnake
9 years ago

Come on out to Outland on Saturdays, its Hair Band day about every other week. lol

Slim Fast
9 years ago

HB, great Q! Thanks for leading us this morning. I liked the Indian Bear Crawl and Indian Crab Walk…. I will expect to use those in the future!

And thanks to Sensei for using his ShamWow chamois to absorb all of the water in a 50′ area for us to do said IBC and ICW on nearly dry ground!! SF

9 years ago

Hair Band thanks for the beat down and the visit from Mr. Webb. I never heard of the Bear Crawl Indian Run and it appears in 2 Backblasts in 1 day, l Ike it!

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