AARP (Ascent Attendance Record Popped)

  • When:09/20/2014
  • QIC: Hopper
  • The PAX: Big Tuna, Fireman Ed, Geraldo, SlimFast, Lennox, Pele, Scissor Hands, Savannah, Moon River, Heisenberg, Furley, Dickies, Goon, High Tide, Bridges, Strange Brew, Hopper (QIC)

AARP (Ascent Attendance Record Popped)

Posted on behalf of Hoppper

17 F3 Vets showed up for a Saturday morning tour of OPE. YHC noted it was a hearty, experienced pax so the workout got spiced up immediately. These 17 men answered the cayenne peppa’ I added with no issues. I also learned later it was an Ascent record at 17…..sweet!


Two laps around the small track with the following mixed in:

High knees
Running backward
Karaoke left
Karaoke right

After the disclaimer was quoted, we jumped into the following:

20 SSH
10 Merkins
20 IW
10 Merkins
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Merkins
20 Freddy Mercury (fast then slow)
10 Merkins

Mosey to through the trail in the woods to the intersection of Foxworth and Windyrush. Triple nickel from Windyrush up hill on Foxworth to Bedfordshire. Squats at the bottom and wide arm merkins at the top. Plank until the pax finishes.

Indian run up Windyrush to right o Rea Rd to get us back to Olde Providence Elem. Fireman Ed took the conn to lead the pax in a meeting with Jack Webb….up to 7/28.

Mosey to back of OPE for wall work, including 90 degrees with arms extended, right leg up and left leg up (at different times, obviously) as well as balls to the wall.

Mosey to the concession area for some partner work. Partner A does 10 LBC’s and 10 flutters while Partner B does 10 dips and 10 incline merkins (flapjack and alternate 3 X). Plank while waiting for the pax to complete.

Mosey around the baseball field (long way) to the playground. Partner A does 5 fence jumpers while Partner B does as AYG pull-ups (flapjack and alternate 3 X).

Mosey to wall next to parking lot for 90 degrees with arm presses (25 X 2).

Finish up with mary including russian twists, rosalita (turns out Geraldo really can count to 20 in Spanish), LBCs and the protractor.


Wow, it was a beautiful morning and the magic of it was only matched by the men who showed up…..great crowd who plowed right through. Lots of familiar faces, too, which makes it extra special. Not sure who brought the shovel flag (mainly due to my being at least the sixth guy there which does not say much for my “early worm” tendencies), but needless to say that also makes the workout extra special, so thank you. We almost got ran over twice while conducting the triple nickel on Foxworth…that would have really put a damper on our day so thanks to all who shouted out “CAR” at the right times! Lastly, Furley, I am impressed how you toughed it out yesterday! I know you were hurting from a prior injury, but you showed up and conquered it….way to persevere, man!

High Tide, thanks for letting me lead. Ascent was my first AO eleven months ago so it is near and dear to me! Thanks for a great morning pax….you guys were fantastic!

SlimFast, thanks for a great take-out and prayer in BOM.


The Elizabeth Santos run is today.
Sign up for Mud Run bus ASAP if you are attending.


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Slim Fast
9 years ago

Hopper, great lead. I enjoyed the workout!! SF

9 years ago

Thanks SF. By the way, I did not mention anything in the BB about the CMPD chasing out hoodlums before we started. Please sound off on that piece SF (or High Tide) as I think you all were the ones who caught that action.

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