#F3DevilsTurn – Fresh Tracks

  • When:09/18/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Brisket, Long Haul, Stump Hugger, Furley (DT FNG & War Daddy), Marvel (War Baby), Turkey Leg (LIFO), Bratwurst

#F3DevilsTurn – Fresh Tracks

DevilsTurn launched with 6 PAX at 0515 from the 4 Mile Creek Greenway to take a Tempo run into the heart of Piper Glen/Raintree.  At some point, a mystery PAX joined the fun.


  • 2nd F Pace to the freshly paved South Charlotte Middle School track .
  • Circle the track until the QIC arrives.
  • Upon receiving QIC instructions, accelerate the Straightaways and “Float” the Curves
  • Leave track for 2nd F Pace to arrive at COT by 0610


  • First DT endeavor post-BRR (last week was 9/11 convergence) saw lighter PAX #s than recent weeks.  Perhaps it was also due to late Tweet by QIC that there was going to actually be a DT, and then those worried that “something new” at the track was going to mean a Burpee Mile or something…
  • Brisket is well aware that Mud Runs require heaps of Cardio endurance, and he keeps piling on the miles.  He’ll have a strong showing at the Marine Mud Challenge in 2 weeks.
  • Long Haul is back at it after being on the DL.  Still strong and pushed the PAX into COT.
  • Marvel went out the the lead pack and did well to hang there.  He’s got the Hokie Half coming up, and Turkey Leg might want to look into that for his triumphal re-entry to Blacksburg.
  • Stump Hugger continues to get in some miles and was extra “cheery” this morning.  YHC thinks he is pulling for Scotland to break away.
  • Welcome to DT FNG Furley.
  • Turkey Leg pulled a Bratwurst and appeared from out of the Gloom late in the run. Despite being a tad tardy, at least he came out to push us in.
  • The SCMS track is still just Asphalt, but there’s still hope that they put down at least a nice rubberized layer and put some lines.  Maybe not like the full Rubber tracks like at most Meck Co High Schools, but similar to Community House or AG Middle Schools.  Otherwise, it’s like running on a nice runway.  Kind of weird running on it with no lines – you don’t have to run straight!


  • If you ever find yourself asking these questions – How do I know if I ran that course faster than last time?  How many miles am I running during the week?  Did I have any parts of my run that were a PR or better than someone else?  Where can I find new courses to run?  How can I keep up with other PAX and the running / biking / swimming / bootcamps they are doing (currently 87 PAX are in the F3Run group)?  How many miles do I have on this pair of shoes?  That hill sucked, how was my effort given that it was pretty steep (grade adjusted pace)?  – Check out Strava at http://www.strava.com/clubs/f3run.  It will auto import from Garmin Connect (details here), and you can simply upload from other fitness watches.  Also an app for iOS and Android.  All of this basic stuff is free.  For example, here is the Strava course for DevilsTurn http://www.strava.com/routes/590015 , and here is Bratwurst’s Run (more details if you login) http://www.strava.com/activities/196129355
  • Count on DevilsTurn to continue through the Fall & Winter.  Even if there isn’t a Preblast, Honeybee is very diligent at confirming someone will Q.
  • F3 warms up the Isabella Santos Foundation Fun Run this Saturday.
    1) The 5k/10k races will start at 8:00 am and the 1-mile fun run starts at 9:00 am.  If you want to run in the 5k race, you can and then come help warmup everyone for the 1-mile race.  The 10k might be cutting it a little close though.  Up to you.
    2) If you would like to run in the 5k/10k races, please register on the website as you would for any other race.  Also, if you have kids that want to participate in the 1-mile run with you, register them on the website so that they can get a t-shirt and timing chip.  http://www.isabellasantosfoundation.com/5k-race-fun-run/


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Stump Hugger
9 years ago

I was cheery this morning only because I wore my aerodynamic socks…trying to get an edge on the speedsters.

Honey Bee
9 years ago

I am sorry I missed the fresh tracks on the track. Work got in the way. Thank you Bratwurst for the last minute sub!

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