#F3Swift – Decisions, decisions

  • When:09/16/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst and M. Tussaud
  • The PAX: Do you like your Running WITH Pain or the Running to BE THE PAIN?

#F3Swift – Decisions, decisions

#F3Swift will launch on Tuesday morning at 0515 from the Vine Restaurant at the Ballantyne AO.

1 week removed from the BRR and several weeks pre-Mud Run will leave the PAX with many options.

Option 1 – Embark with M. Tussaud on a journey similar to last week.  Running with pain stations to simulate Mud Run experience.

Option 2 – Embark with a recovering Bratwurst on a old-fashioned Fartlek workout.  “Pain” running with speed, and moseys to recover.

Your choice.  Vote with your Feet!

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Strange Brew
9 years ago

A recovering Bratwurst is still to be feared in my books so I’ll see you there.

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