Mini-Murph at the Peak

  • When:08/04/14
  • QIC: Geraldo
  • The PAX: Insomniac, Blue Grass, Snakebite, Dunder, Pele, Robin Hood (WD), Whitesnake, Sweet Melissa, Dora, Sensei (Ruck), Geraldo

Mini-Murph at the Peak

11 Pax made their way to Peak 51 for their dose of DownPainment

The Thang:


Mosey to the bus parking lot for some COP

  • SSH x 25
  • IW x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 10
  • LBCs x 15


Move to to the track for a Min-Murph circuit for 30 minutes

  • 1 lap around the track
  • Pull ups x 5
  • Merkins x 10
  • Squats x 15

People’s Chair

Mosey to the school and grab a piece of wall for the People’s Chair x 2 with arm raises


Mosey back to the parking lot for 5 minutes of Mary

  • Dollys x 15
  • Rosalita x 16 (YHC lost count)
  • Heals to Heaven x 15
  • Flutter Kicks x 10

The Moleskin:

  • Solid work by the PAX this morning fighting the awful humidity and O2 deprivation.
  • A Mini-Murph is a favorite and makes for a short Weinke.
  • YHC lost count on the number of rounds for the Min-Murph, maybe 7 but a strong 30 minutes by the PAX.
  • TCLAPS to Sensei sporting the Ruck today. Dora has EH’d another #KeepOnRuckin’
  • A week after the merkin clinic and Whitesnake was calling out Dora’s merkin form
  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead it is an honor and please sound off with any mumble chatter YHC may have missed


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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Hate I was on IR this week and missed this, I’m going to try out the leg tomorrow at Ascent and see how things go.

9 years ago

Late to the comment party. Great Q, Geraldo. The Mini Murph smoked me, and how.

Missed you at Ascent today, Drop Thrill. Hope you’re healing well, up and about soon.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Whitesnake
9 years ago

I was on my way and my alternator finally kicked the bucket. All is well again with the Bug, but not my wallet. Hopefully I’ll see you guys in the gloom again Thursday. Battling a sinus infection again I think. Going to the doc next week. When it rains it pours.

Reply to  Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Always something, ain’t it.

Hope you feel better with them dang old sinuses. If not, we’ll just call you “Snot Thrill” until you are.

Hope to see you Thursday.


Drop Thrill
9 years ago

I’m not “thrilled” by that new nickname. lol

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