“I can’t feel my arms!”

  • When:9/2/14
  • QIC: Brown
  • The PAX: High Tide, Hacker, Scratch and Win, Brushback, Harley, Tackling Dummy, Wabbit, Run Stopper, Sanka, Semi-Gloss, Bananas, Bulldog, Busch, Native, Sussidio (WD), Madison, Snowbird, Pounce, Bartman, Simba, Chanel, Swiss Miss, Brown (QIC)

“I can’t feel my arms!”

23 men put Labor Day shenanigans behind them and tried their best to hold their own, and their bell, this morning.


SSH x 25

IW x 24 (I shorted you one)

Merkins x 10

The Thang:

Get in groups of 3 or 4. Use a different size bells each set. C’mon, challenge yourself a little:

Dead Clean x5, x10, x15 Right side, Left side

Swing Clean x5, x10, x15 Right side, Left side

Snatch x5, x10, x15 Right side, Left side

Good Morning x5, x10, x15

Partner up same size bell and mosey to lower lot.

P1 – Farmer carry to top of hill and back

P2 – Merkins

Flapjack until 200 merkins complete

P1 – Farmer carry to top of hill and back

P2 – Squats

Flapjack until 175 squats complete

Mosey back to upper parking lot

Back in your groups of 3 or 4

2 Handed Swings using different size bells, 2 sets:






LBC x30


Pax was a little confused being pulled out of their comfort zone, pushed to use different sized bells to get a more effective workout. Complacency is for the weak! After a set or two, everyone pretty much got after it. YHC used my own version of cardio with the farmer carry hills…again. You know you like ’em! 0.0 forever! With a challenging sized bell, the forearms started to go right about now. TClaps to Semi-Gloss for stepping up to a fiddy this morning. Blinded by my focus on sticking to the weinke, other than good effort, I didn’t notice too much going on throughout. Howeva, I did notice 3 of the pax with their own version of a BRR taper using smaller bells than normal. Once we made it back for swings to close it out, gassed forearms were compromising grip and left some to wonder how they would hold the steering wheel to drive home. The kettlebell is a great tool, and when used often and correctly, can ALMOST make you look as good as Run Stopper! Thanks for coming out, leading is always a worthy experience. Thanks to Scratch and Win for taking us out.


Announcements: I forgot them, so check the website and emails for convergences coming up.



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High Tide
9 years ago

Good one, Brown! Just the right amount of running! Combined with my solo beatdown yesterday, my hammies are barely walking about now.

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