Hair Band Mile v2 and Late Show smackdown

  • When:08/30/14
  • QIC: Hair Band and The Late Show
  • The PAX: Countertop, Zip-A-Dee, Horsehead, Electric Slide, Flea(2.0), Turnpike, Drop Thrill, Doughnut Hole, Jellyfish, Glass Joe, The Late Show (QIC), Hair Band (QIC), Bellyflop (2.0)

Hair Band Mile v2 and Late Show smackdown

The Thang!

Mosey to shovel flag for COP
15 SSH
Aaaaand, that’s enough let’s mosey to the stadium!
Called an audible, we can’t use the football field so we will stay on the soccer field.

Here is the deal, split into two groups, size/speed don’t matter.
Each group start on opposite corners of the field (encouraging each other as you pass someone) for the following:
(The corner exercises were: Merkins, LBCs, Freddie Mercury, Carolina Dry Docks)
Sprint 1 side of field, jog 3 sides 30 reps of called exercise in each corner
Sprint 2 sides, jog 2 & 20 reps each corner
Sprint 3 sides, jog 1 & 10 reps each corner

Some plank work then, climb back down the ladder now

Sprint 3 sides, jog 1 & 10 reps each corner
Sprint 2 sides, jog 2 & 20 reps each corner
Sprint 1 side of field, jog 3 sides 30 reps
Recovery lap and then on your six for flutters in cadence

Hand off to The Late Show!

Mosey to the dip bar and relocate to the practice field.

Partner up. P1 supine rows while P2 runs to sideline and back (about 40 yds?). Flapjack.

Next exercise merkins (what is this “push-up” The Late Show keeps talking about? Isn’t that a Popsicle or something?) and flapjack.

Next exercise squats and flapjack.
Take a rest with partner wheelbarrows to the sideline.
Repeat the row/merkins/squat round.

Take another break with P1 doing prisoner lunges toward elementary school while P2 runs to sideline and then chases down their partner. Reset and flapjack.

Grab a rock from the hornet nest.
Line up and (10) squat to overhead press in cadence with your rock. Worked down to (5) with a little plank and core work in between each round.

Shut things down with a tunnel of love pushing that rock ahead of you.
Squash a wasp with your rock and mosey to the flag, cause we are done!

The Moleskin:
Solid group out there today! After the extremely short COP of 15 SSH and Mosey the first thing I heard was Zip… “Hair Band is running?!” Yes, and that was my goal, do a beat down nobody would expect from me. In this case it was a variation of a soccer conditioning workout that had us running and seemed to be a good beatdown from the little mumble chatter I did hear. When complete Zip mentioned it was indeed a little over a mile of sprints/jogging plus the 240 corner reps. Hair Band Mile v2 complete.

I do think it is ironic that when getting rocks from the pile and disturbing the wasp nest it was Drop Thrill who just was at “The Fury 325” (hornet inspired) coaster announcement that was stung along with Jellyfish who has its own ties to stinging. Glad it was minor and did not cause any issues. Since I went away for the weekend I may be forgetting some things so feel free to chime in below with anything good I left out.

Converge at The Rock next week due to BRR and good luck to our Outland PAX and the others in F3 that are involved!

Give me some Hard Commits and we will get Fridays kicked off soon!
If there is enough interest we may be able to pull off Wednesday also.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, it is always appreciated and an honor!

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Great beatdown by both Q’s!

I hope that hornet or wasp or whatever it was has a huge headache!!! My leg has been itching like crazy since Saturday! At least I smell really nice now with all the skin cream I’m using.

Good luck Horsehead, Glass Joe and whoever else is insane enough to do the BRR. You’ll be in my prayers, you’ll need them. πŸ™‚

The Late Show
The Late Show
9 years ago

nice work everybody! Jellyfish great to have you out there! Study hard and have fun! I have a good Bonhoeffer biography if you need any more reading! πŸ™‚

Glass Joe
9 years ago

HB with the surprised running! Rumors are flying that he is secretly training for next year’s BRR and wants Outland to have a team in it.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Glass Joe
9 years ago

Do you guys normally post or email the weeks you’re running before Outland and the week’s you’re doing the kettle bells?

As in do you normally send out something letting people know what the pre-workout is?

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Hair Band
9 years ago

All this fancy smancy technology. I remember when people used to email. XD

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