#F3Swift – Silent assessments

  • When:09/02/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Stump Hugger, Outback, Abacus, Spinner, Honey Bee, Bratwurst

#F3Swift – Silent assessments

6 PAX posted on a hot muggy morning to take one last look at the flattish Bull Ring before going more vertical.


  • Warm-up 1.3 miles with a Mosey and some drills.
  • 4 x 0.75 mile (1200m or 1.5 turns of the Bull Ring) at Threshold Pace calculated Here. 2 minutes rest in between each.
  • 1 mile Mosey to COT
  • Total miles about 5.5.

The Moleskin:

  • Turns out, only 2 PAX from today’s group are assaulting the BRR, but any PAX who shows up to Swift would be comfortable on the hills of the Blue Ridge mountains.
  • A taper week is a week to assess how you feel from the weeks of training.  It can be maddening – do I feel a tweak here, am I in shape, should I test myself, should I rest…  The way the workout was structured today did not help, for most PAX ran alone for 5 minutes at a time.  Not the normal way we do it at Swift.
  • Fortunately, YHC was happy to have Honey Bee as a pacer.  Knowing that his “A” race is still weeks away at the Chicago Marathon, HB had more freedom to push it and get a max workout.  YHC was a little more restrained.
  • Spinner was back to Swift after a long layoff, and actually hopes to get better Cycling by running more.  The first time back feels hard, but that’s why we do it, right?
  • Abacus has been making Huge strides (and he’s really Tall) at Swift, and he’s probably a shoe-in for the BRR or any other running event upcoming.  A chance to shine next week in the Mud Run simulation.
  • Outback, while still nursing a calf issue, still plugs away out there.  YHC can’t tell him to back off, for he probably would pull “that’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!”
  • Stump Hugger, Swift regular, is probably feeling less Stumpy and will be more like a tall Oak soon.  Getting fitter by the week.


  • M. Tussauds on Q next week at Swift.  Probably pulling some reluctant Bagpipers along, or perhaps even supplanting Bagpipe as the Tuesday bootcamp for a day, he’ll take the PAX on a Tour d’Ballantyne through several pain stations.

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Honey Bee
9 years ago

I knew it! You were holding back. Things are again right in the world. For a second this morning, I thought “I am faster than Bratwurst.” Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

Good workout. It was nice to be able to walk up the stairs at work this morning without feeling like an old man.

Stump Hugger
9 years ago

Enjoyed the F2 pace back with Abacus. Brat great lead as always. Prayers to Outback for the calf to heal.

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