Nothing new to see here

  • When:8/29/2014
  • QIC: Chelms
  • The PAX: Chelms, Wingman, Udder, Icky Shuffle, Sunrise (KB), Frasier, Hairball (WB), Hannibal, Blades of Glory, Abacus (KB), Checkpoint (WD and KB), Jekyl, Cable Guy, Mermaid (KB), Cane, Aqua Man, Blackbeard, Road Rocks, Poppa Love, Whip Curl, Swanson, Whip Lash, Jamboree, Freely's Comet

Nothing new to see here

24 of South Charlotte’s finest turned away from the temptation of Fartsacking on Friday and gathered at CCHS for their weekly does of Centurion.    Each man grabbed 2 bricks from the Q’s SUV and off we went.

The Thang:

Jog to lower parking lot for COP

  • SSH X21
  • Merkins X15
  • John Travolta X21 (each arm)
  • 10 burpees OYO
  • 20 push presses

Jog thru campus and across 51 to parking lot next to Mcdonalds for COP

Plank till the 6 arrives with right arm out front with brick and then flap jack.   Man maker merkins X21

Jog over to Palentine Hill, going up and down twice before gathering at normal starting point.   Triple nickle (sans bricks) with 5 burpees at top and 5 squats at bottom (5 times).

6MOM (brick extended behind head entire time) with low flutter, Rosalita, dolly, and high flutter

Back to Palentine for Jacobs ladder – burpees 1 up to 7

Jog back to parking lot next to McDonalds for squats X21 and 20 push presses

Job back to school parking lot

  • Lunge walk with push press after each step down to first light, sprint back
  • Burpee broad jump to first light, sprint back
  • Carioca down to 2nd light, facing field.  Face same direction and Carioca back to starting point
  • Backward run down to 2nd light
  • COP for merkins X21

Naked Moleskin:

In honor of my wife putting up with me for 21 years (as of yesterday), most of the cadence exercises were to 21.  I don’t know why I deserve such a great wife but am thankful for a strong marriage.

YHC is losing creativity as bricks have been used multiple times this year.   However, the little b#2tards are harder to lug around for 45 minutes than one would think (#smallpackagewithbigpunch).  I did audible and not require they be lugged up Palentine during triple nickle and Jacobs Ladder so it could have been worse.  Need to work on some sand bags and 12 foot PVC pipe for the future (#nomoreoakstumps)

Pretty sure I got the day started off right when I heard some mumble chatter about the Q being pissed off at something after the first set of John Travolta’s.   YHC was fine, just trying to push everyone to get better.

Of all the people to slack off, I notice Frasier is doing the Carioca sans bricks while the rest of the PAX follows Q’s directions.   May have to bring some duct tape next time to strap those suckers to his hands and make him run with a ruck sack so the rest of the PAX has a chance keeping up.

Finally, Q is happy to no longer be a regular War Daddy as we now have multiple “Respects” every Friday morning, including Checkpoint, who pushes the PAX every week.


Tutoring getting kicked off in a few weeks at Billingsville, AG Middle School, and a school in Matthews (Champagne is the Q).  Email me at for more information on any of the locations.

Convergence on Labor Day at 7am at Carmel Road Park (DMZ site).

As always, it was a privilege and an honor to lead such a great group of men this am.



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9 years ago

Great Q Chelms. I see why you avoided KB. Those bricks are bad enough on their own. The pre-KB made it that much worse. I would be happy to give you a hand laying those things down for a patio or other structure that prevents you from putting them in the back of your truck. Not sure where Sunrise was swinging his bell or if he even owns one. However, have to give him T-claps for making me laugh harder than I have all week during 6 MOM. When I told him he was off on the cadence count he countered with, “I can’t count right, I have too much fart in my eyes.” Still laughing. I probably should have apologized for subjecting him to that.

9 years ago

Cane was #4 KB

9 years ago

Way to bring it this morning, Chelms. I was clock watching early in the workout. Thankfully, at BRR I can run in a straight line and not have to do burpees after running up a steep grassy hill over and over.
Also, I want to see if I’ve missed something.
Shouldn’t man-maker merkins actually include a merkin?
Also, why is Puppy Love now called Poppa Love?

9 years ago

If you’re going with Whip Curl, shouldn’t you be consistently lisdexic and go with Rip Lash, too?

#ProTip: Earmuff the kids if Chelms ever invites you to Fuddruckers.

Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Your jumbled names are generally improvements. Regarless, we laugh at you, not with you.

9 years ago

Chelms sounds like a solid beat down. Have to jump in since you spelled Karaoke Carioca just as pay back for calling me out on cotter instead of Kotter a few weeks ago. #pileon and for the record I was 3 when that show went off the air.

9 years ago

Few activities have a greater level of suck than carrying bricks. Tardy this morning, 3-wheeling into the parking lot at 0529, Lots of eager “friends” running past made sure I noticed the brick pile. Had I been 30 seconds later, conveniently may not have noticed the pile.

The level of pain on the triple nickel and Jacobs ladder were unspeakable. Looking forward to the BRR next Friday to get as far from Palatine Hill as possible. Chelms- leave the pavers in CLT. Great Q today. Feeling the burn.

Purple Haze
9 years ago

Glad to have missed this morning as nothing annoys me more than running with those stupid pavers.

9 years ago

I too am incredibly pleased I missed the post this morning. Rarely do I look at the BB and feel joy rather than shame. Joy it is today…

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