Bouncing Blinking Lights

  • When:08/28/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Spackler, Mall Cop, Horsehead, Hairball, Hannibal, Prohibition, Blades of Glory, Champagne, Haggis, Outback, Stagecoach, 49er, Baracus, O'Tennenbaum, The Mouth, Cheese Curd, Strange Brew, A1A, Fletch, Bratwurst, Honey Bee

Bouncing Blinking Lights

21 men got in one more good hill run at Devil’s Turn prior to next week’s BRR extravaganza.  Per Bratwurst’s suggestion 85% of the PAX wore their BRR approved reflective vests, head lamps, and blinking lights for a dress rehearsal of sorts.

On the warm-up “apartment loop”, the combination of a 20+ man running cluster, headlamps, and blinky lights made for comical sight.  Bratwurst and I looked back on one occasion and laughed at the strange discotech / flash-mob / village people like sight.  However, once the hills started there was no more laughing.

There were 3 options for today’s Devil’s Turn which were ~4-miles, ~6-miles, and a soul crushing 6+ mile option with a full “fun hill” thrown in.  The 0.25 mile “fun hill” had many (incl. YHC) considering recycling Merlot by the top.  After COT, there were rumors of an actual Merlot recycling situation, but that cannot be confirmed or denied.  Speak up in the comments if that was you and you would like to be recognized for this balls-out, man making, screw-what-your-body-is-telling-you, effort. Intensity brother!

The format today was better than weeks past since it seemed that there was more interaction as people were passing each other going various directions on the various options.  It was good to be able to utter words of encouragement sporadically between the labored breathing.

Great run today brothers.  It is likely that you are now feeling the effects of all the weeks and months of training and are noticing that the hills are not as hard and your speed has increased.  Now lets go kill the BRR.


– Labor Day Convergence at DMZ at 7:00 am.  Foxhole will be at regular 5:30 start time.  All other Monday workouts will converge at DMZ.

– Please volunteer or volunteer your neighbor to be on standby for BRR.  There are currently no backups. Drivers are also needed if interested.

– Please keep Turkey Leg and his family in your prayers as they mourn the loss of his mother.

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Mall Cop
Mall Cop
9 years ago

I can confirm there was spillage but it wasn’t merlot. I could tell last night’s dinner wasn’t sitting well on our .75 mile apartment warm up loop and knew this wasn’t going to be good when I got to the Old Course hills. I told O’Tennenbaum, Strange Brew, and Outback that I was going to slow down for a bit. Last night’s red beans and turkey sausage was churning in my stomach and I was just lucky it was the front end and not the back end so I didn’t have to pull a Splinter on the course! I reached the top of the big hill and headed straight for some hedges in someone’s yard to the left and just let it fly! The birds ate good in Piper Glen this morning, I was just glad that house wasn’t lit up very well.

I felt 100% better after hurling and I still managed to get in 5.75 miles this morning!

9 years ago

I am infamous in the hills of Piper Glen. love it! Make sure ya’ll pack baby wipes for the BRR

9 years ago

Honey Bee and Fletch were in top form on the run. Way to push it boys!

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