Merkin….Run….Merkin repeat

  • When:08/27/14
  • QIC: Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: Brown, Soul Glow, Suisuidio (Respect), Stage Coach(KB), Coal Miners Daughter (Respect), Ponce, Geraldo, Puddin Pop, Floorslapper, Tiger Rag (KB), Header (KB), Klunkin’, Big Pappy (respect), Slim fast, Madison, Snowbird, Bartman (FNG), Chanel, Semi Gloss. Barf (FNG) (KB).

Merkin….Run….Merkin repeat

—Posted on behalf od Semi-Gloss, everyone’s favorite shirtless Q—

20 pax entered the gloom and came out the other end a little changed

30 SSH – Cad

30 Mountain climbers – Cad

1 Burpee

Indian run Mustangs and Clydesdales to davie park

Partner up

One partner runs and other partner does Diamond, Wide arm, Reg x3

2nd session – one partner runs other one does Squats, pull ups and Dips

Indian run back

Wall sits

Arm raises 30 cad X


Freddy Merc – 20 cad

Dolly cad – 20

LBC’s as many as you can do in 30 sec

The Moleskin (or hairy backskin):

  •  YHC was called up to the majors yesterday because Stone cold is nursing an injury.  I decided to do some Running mainly because I like hear Brown yell at me a lot so that was the call.  There was a little chatter yesterday from another Q at a different workout (Anvil) calling out my merkin call and recruiting pax to come to that one. We did carry it with one more pax than they have so thanks for that.
  •  During the SSH it was mentioned several times that the cadence count was way too fast, however I did enjoy watching everyone try and keep up.  I am sure the form police will come and I will have a citation the next time that I post.
  •  The first Indian run down to Davie Park was split out between the Clydesdales and Mustangs.  I should have not gone with the Mustangs, pretty sure I was still trying to catch my breath while driving home.  There were some guys still calling themselves Clydesdales who can run faster than me.  You know who you are.  In all seriousness everyone that is a regular at Death Valley has really increased their speed and we really have some fast runners.  Great work guys, keep up the great work.
  •  Stage coach had the garmin on and informed us that we had run about 3 miles which is great.  Slim Fast ran 6 pre work miles so that is a total of 9 for him.
  •  I keep missing the Pre-kb.  Maybe its because I am scared but I need to get out there.  We didn’t get as many merkins as I needed in but still working towards the goal.
  •  To the two new FNG’s thanks for coming out, it’s a great group and you will get a ton out of it.
  •  T-Claps to Susuidio for the power prayer to take us out.


  • Mud run – Need to fill some teams.
  • HDHH today – The Lodge 6 pm


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