Abbreviated post, extended exertion

  • When:08/21/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: 23 well oiled running machines (sorry typing on phone)

Abbreviated post, extended exertion

23 men entered the gloom for a new tempo route for DT. To YHC’s knowledge, only one PAX was momentarily lost and that was on the way back in known territory. #notmyfault

The numbers at DT keep growing as BRR gets closer. It is great to see everyone out for a good old fashioned run.

As in weeks past, YHC only has a limited view of the happenings of the morning. Frasier and Haggis are fast, Bratwurst is faster and likes to pass people for sport. But you all know that already.

What did you see out there today?

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9 years ago

TR had on at least 17 different blinky lights – looked like KITT from Knight Rider. I think he rode the last mile home in the back of a semi cuz he was flying.

Hops tried to talk to me some when I was trying now to vomit. Sorry brother – just a few grunts were all I could manage.

Getting faster but the speed hurts.

Reply to  Horsehead
9 years ago

I thought I was behind and ambulance when TR passed me. It may have been wishful thinking.

Reply to  Horsehead
9 years ago

No doubt on that light. I ran with TR for about half a mile and then as soon as he got a step or two ahead, it was like meeting the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz. #blinding

9 years ago

Well, a uniform truck almost took out the PAX at the start, and then the hills of Raintree did the rest.

9 years ago

Glad I was not the one making a wrong turn in Piper Glen today. Don’t want to name names, but I must – Hannibal took the “I’m Lost” title this morning. Thanks for lightening my load brother.
That run hurt; just thankful the Body Glide is working as advertised

Reply to  Hops
9 years ago

Thanks, Hops. Actually, to be clear, it wasn’t a “wrong turn” but rather “no turn.” I call it extra credit, and I’m sure that extra 1/3 mile will be paying HUGE dividends in the BRR in a couple weeks. (really glad it was only 1/3 mile!)

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