Cane Sets the Merkin Bar High

  • When:08/13/14
  • QIC: Cane
  • The PAX: Mermaid (KB), Abacus (KB), Tootie (KB), Brushback (KB), Cane (KB), Jortie (FNG to Anvil), Rehab, Boutique, Icky Shuffle and 4 more (kotters, fill in below if inclined to be memorialized for posterity)

Cane Sets the Merkin Bar High

(posted on behalf of Cane by Young Love who is DR this week. Don’t worry, I’m still doing my merkins #10Kmerkinssucks and running my miles #readyforBRRtobeamemory …)
5 Pax started early with a little KB lead by Mermaid.  Then 13 pax started in the muggy gloom with a quick disclaimer.
The Thang
20 Merkins OYO
Mosey for COP
20 Merkins OYO
SSH x 30
IW x 20
20 Merkins OYO
Squats x 20
LBC x 20
20 Merkins OYO
Run up North Face and regroup
Run lap around and up North Face and finish with 20 Merkins OYO
Repeato 3 times (4 total North Face laps)
Plank-o-rama led by Mermaid with 20 merkins thrown in for good measure
Mosey up to front parking lot
The Beast – 6 rounds of 6 sets of 6 reps
-Wide Merkins
Mosey – circle up for Mary
Dolly x 20
Flip over and 20 Merkins OYO
Flutter x 20
Flip over and 20 Merkins OYO
Rosalita x 20
Flip over and 20 Merkins OYO
Warning had gone out the night before that this would be a merkin heavy workout and I don’t think it disappointed.  The goal was to set the record for number of merkins completed in a workout (although i am not sure what the previous record was).  We didn’t quite reach my anticipated number but 364 merkins is strong.  We also got a fair amount of running in and summitted North Face 4 times.
Strong work by all!

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9 years ago

Prohibition was one of the missing 4. Nice lead by Cane. Nice way to get a good number of daily merkins out of the way for 10KMerkins challenge before 7 a.m.

9 years ago

That one hurt. KB didn’t make it any easier, but that is never the point. Solid Q. The jump on my daily 500 was nice.

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