It’s a Good Kinda Hurt

  • When:08/12/14
  • QIC: High Tide
  • The PAX: Crabcake, Brown, Hacker, Wabbit, Horsehead, Hair Band, Voodoo, Shock-o-bottom, Sanka, Susudio (Respect)(WD), Bulldog, Harley, Busch, Puddin' Pop, Bananas, Chanel, Semi-Gloss, High Tide (QIC)

It’s a Good Kinda Hurt

18 pax posted to salute the shovel flag (yes, a real one was planted!  Thanks, F3Ascent!) and endure a never ending clock.  Here’s how they passed the time:

The Thang:

Mosey to the lower parking lot


  • 20 SSH – in cadence (IC)
  • 20 IW – IC
  • 20 2-handed swings – IC
  • 10 high pulls – right – IC
  • 10 high pulls – left – IC

Sufficiently warm (and dripping)

Clock Work – Round 1

  • 5 one-handed swings
  • 5 clean & press
  • 5 squats
  • Right side, then left side.
  • Rinse & repeat until the clock eventually runs out (10 minutes).

Slow mosey around the parking lot.  #BRRtraining #F3Swift

Clock Work – Round 2

  • 5 snatches
  • 10 lawnmower rows
  • 15 merkins
  • Right side, then left side.
  • Rinse & repeat until the clock runs out (audbile after about 7.5 min to save time for Round 3).

Walking mosey (No, really.  Walking.) to the grassy field.

Clock Work – Round 3

  • 3 Turkish Get Ups
  • Right side, then left side.
  • No repeato.  No clock needed.


  • 15 Russian Twist – IC
  • 15 Situps (old school, touch behind head and touch feet) – IC
  • 15 Flutter with Press – IC
  • ~7 Slow-motion Freddie Mercury – IC

Lap around the field – #moreBRRmileage




  • F3Meatheads – Thursday, 0530, Elizabeth Lane Elementary School (same AO as Olympus) – KB centric workout – The Hoff on Q this week, with a promise of no logwork, just KB pain!
  • F3 Dads’ Camp – this weekend


Wow.  The humidity was just brutal today.  We were all sweating like we were being paid for it within minutes of the COP.  And by round 2 of the clock work, non-gloved pax were struggling to hang on to their bells.  (maybe being in the center of the circle was not the safest place to be…)

The mumble chatter was in full effect on the initial mosey to the lower lot.  That dried up shortly after we completed the first of our High Pulls.  The lack of mumble chatter was so stark, it actually became the topic of mumble chatter!  Once that began, we devolved into all manner of chatter:  the supremacy of KB’s as the ultimate workout tool, shake weights being a close second, weinkes being the ultimate tool, the various definitions of shake weights and weinkes, on to Fast Twitch, and now the combination of weinkes, shake weights, and fast twitch.  PG-13, parental guidance is suggested for those 13 & under.

The beauty of clock work is that you’re not focused so much on how quickly you can complete a rep, and you can focus on form.  Additionally, stronger pax (or those with undersized bells) can complete reps faster and continue on to additional rounds, while those new to the movements or with larger bells can grind out reps at a slower pace.  Everyone gets all they want and can handle. 

The first round, the timer was set for 10 minutes, and it seemed much longer.  YHC checked it several times, to pace himself, while the pax called for YHC to check the timer to ensure it was working!  It was!  Round 2 was shortened to about 7.5-8 minutes, to save time for Turkish Getups – not sure whether that was a fair trade or not, as we were ready for round 2 to end but not looking forward to the Turkish Get Ups (TGUs).

TGU’s are just hard, especially at the end of a rough workout, and because we don’t do them that much.  They really push your entire body.  Pax new to the TGU (or with a large bell) were encouraged to practice the move unweighted, if needed.  YHC had forgone his usual bell for a medium one for just such an emergency.  #goodcall

YHC had tweeted that this workout would be 0.25, as there was too much recovery moseying to get away with calling it 0.0.  Nonetheless, by my estimate, we didn’t cover more than about 0.4 miles, including the walking mosey.  Not bad.

T-claps to all for pushing it today.  YHC was feeling it hours later, but it’s a good kinda hurt.  (upon listening to the recording for the pax name-o-rama, YHC realized he was so tired that he didn’t even know his age!  45, not 44…)

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today.  It’s always an honor.

Thanks, Busch, for taking us out and reminding us of the roles we’re called to play in our families and community.



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Hair Band
9 years ago

Nice work HT, I never heard you say we were doing the 10 minute timer so it was awkward for a little when I was done with my 5,5,5 on each side. Then I figured you had a 2-3 minute timer set… Then I questioned if the timer was working, 10 minutes later boom! Round 2!

Overall good stuff and my kind of running!

Hair Band
9 years ago

Oh and don’t forget the Outland 1yr anniversary! It’s a great AO if you have never been.

Closer than you think! #Hotelnotrequired

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