Jimmy Clausen

  • When:08/09/14
  • QIC: Soul Glo, Radar
  • The PAX: Soul Glo (QIC), MacGruber, Semi-Gloss, Strawberry, Smash, Spackler, Purple Haze, Unitas, Bugeater, Splinter, Prohibition, Radar (QIC)

Jimmy Clausen

The shovel flag was planted as 12 men anticipated and contemplated going another round with #F3DayZero. The brothers-in-law Soul Glo and Radar were on Q.

The Thang

Soul Glo Q

Warmup run around the McAlpine track and gather on the basketball court for COP

  • SSHs x 25 IC
  • IWs x 20 IC

Mosey to the field for a merkin ladder with sprints

  • 20 merkins – 40 yard dash
  • 19 merkins – 40 yard dash
  • 18 merkins – 40 yard dash
  • You get the picture…all the way down to 11 merkins with a 40 yard dash

Mosey to the playground equipment and partner up

  • Round 1 – Partner A > run the track; Partner B > 10 pull-ups, 30 dips, 50 LBCs; Flapjack
  • Round 2 – Partner A > run the track; Partner B > 10 lunges each leg, 30 squats, 100 nipplers; Flapjack

Mosey to the rock pile and grab a respectable rock with your partner

  • Partner A > 20 bicep curls then Partner B > 20 bicep curls
  • Ladder all the way to 11

Radar Q

Mosey to Radar’s car and grab 2 sandbags. Mosey back to the field and form two lines for relay races

  • Round 1 – 40 yard dash (no sandbags); everyone else do merkins while waiting
  • Round 2 – 40 yard dash (with sandbags); everyone else do squats while waiting

Line up across from Partner for some human blocking sled pushes

Line up head to toe. Pax hold 6 inches or elbow plank. Man on the end Plank Walks over the Pax. Then next man goes as soon as he’s passed over. Radar called this the Tunnel of Hate.

Then on our sixes for some Mary: LBCs and P90x crossover situps

Then back to our two lines. Line 1 throws passes. Line 2 runs a post pattern.

  • 10 merkins for a completion
  • 10 burpees for an incompletion

Mosey back to the parking lot. COT.


With the brothers-in-law leaving for a week long in-law vacation right after DZ, there was a question of whether they’d deliver some pain or if they’d already have pictures of High Lifes and mojitos dancing in their heads. It was a little of both today. Some hard work. And some fun.

Soul Glo started out with a full Alabama Slamma in mind but audibled to stop after 11, wanting to get some pull-ups and bicep curls into the routine. Think he plans on looking ripped at the beach next week.

Radar was his usual creative self with the human blocking sleds and the Tunnel of Hate. No doubt the Tunnel of Hate was hurtful and he stuck Soul Glo with having to go the length of the Pax line back to back as we reversed the line to move back.

The post patterns were fun…but not good. We did a lot of burpees. A wet football and the lack of attendance at a quarterback camp had most of the Pax looking like Jimmy Clausen out there…a lot of underthrown wounded ducks.

Thanks for leading today Soul Glo. Radar, thanks for the opportunity to write another BB for you.


  • MudRun
  • Need BRR drivers. Great hours, great pay, great benefits.

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9 years ago

That was good times today! Radar was certainly vacation happy and teetered on giddy, which makes for a dangerous Q. Splinter, Nice wheels on those laps, especially that final one.

9 years ago

Radar can be on my flag football team but he will NOT be the QB. Let’s put the women and children to bed and go lookin for dinner boys.

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