Rehab’s First Time

  • When:08/06/14
  • QIC: Rehab
  • The PAX: Bugeater, Strawberry, Deep Dish, Croissant, Cane, Beaker, Pluff Mud, Icky Shuffle (FNG Kevin M), Heartbreaker, Boutique, Hardhat, Speadeagle, Foreman (FNG Rob H), Abacus, Lobsta Roll, Baracus, Rehab (QIC)

Rehab’s First Time

17 men, including a couple of friendly new guys, arrived at Anvil on a relatively cool Wednesday morning to support one of their brothers, Rehab, in his virgo Q appearance. They all received a very brief disclaimer from Baracus and headed out into the gloom for a different brand of rehabilitation.

The Thang
Start with a little mosey around the parking lot. Mix in some karaoke and backwards running, then circle up on the far end of the parking lot near Hwy 51.

• Side straddle hop x 30
• Imperial walker x 30
• Merkin x 20
• Burpees x 20

Jog around the front of the church to back parking lot near North Face.

Form 2 lines
• Lunge-walk to light post (about 30 yds)
• Burpees x 20
• Bear crawl back
• Repeat two more times, replacing Burpees with Merkins and Wide-arm Merkins

Run to picnic shelter near soccer fields and form 3 groups to rotate through circuits, performing each exercise for 1 min.
• People’s chair
• Dips
• Decline Merkins
Repeato until everyone has done all exercises twice.

Run to fields for some MOM
• 20 x LBCs
• 20 x Flutter
• 20 x Dolly

Mosey back to cars and 20 burpees OYO to finish things off.
COT and Baracus closed us out.

It was another unseasonably cool morning for August…perfect weather in which to get your day started at Anvil. We had a nice turnout for Rehab’s virgin Q, only four months after his first F3 post at Anvil on March 26th.
All seemed pretty normal as we followed Rehab around the parking lot until we circled up and began the COP. Like many before him, Rehab fell victim to the cadence count. It seems easy when your just the guy in the circle counting every fourth count, but when you’re leading things are different. Let’s just say we could have used a metronome, a bullhorn, and a quick lesson in counting to 4. I’m not sure how many of each exercise we did, but oh well, we certainly got warmed up…especially after Rehab threw 20 burpees at us out of frustration. In all seriousness, it was a little shaky at first, but Rehab pulled it all together by the time we circled up for Mary at the end of the workout.
Overall it was another strong Anvil workout…plenty of burpees and challenging exercises to get the heart rate up. We saw a lot of the campus and got a full body workout at the same time. Nice first Q Rehab! Looking forward to your next Q in the future.

Welcome to our two FNGs, Icky Shuffle (Kevin M) who was EH’d by Boutique, and Foreman (Rob H).  Foreman is Baracus’ brother-in-law from Wilmington, NC.  Hoping to get him to join the F3 expansion at the beach sometime soon.  Great job guys!  Hope to see you both back out in the gloom soon!

• Drivers needed for BRR – contact Baracus if interested

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9 years ago

Great Q Rehab, always good to get that first Q. The rest are a cake walk! Thanks baracus for getting me to hard commit.

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