• When:08/01/14
  • QIC: Glass Joe & Zip-A-Dee
  • The PAX: Doughnut Hole, DH's 2.0 (sorry, couldn't remember his F3 moniker)Double E, Hairband, Belly Flop (2.0) Turnpike, Horshead, Boondock (2.0), Snowman, Drop Thrill, Glass Joe & Zip-A-Dee


12 cool dudes escaped the fartsack and ignored Cantori’s rain prediction prepared for what the early gloom had in store for them!  12 posted on time but 11 went to work right away!  (more to come) #elvis

The Main Stuff!


SSH x25, IW x 25, Merkins x15 (in cadence)

Mosey back to the lot for some good old fashioned station circuit work…

Station 1

–          1 PAX  runs around parking lot w/ a 45

 Station 2 (Punch Out)

–          PAX 2 does Micah Tyson Punch Out w/ dumbbells until PAX 1 completes ckt w/ 45

 Station 3 (Jump Rope)

–          PAX 3 performs jump rope until PAX 1 completes ckt w/ 45

 Station 4 (Hairburners)

–          PAX 4 performs hairburners w/ other 45 until PAX 1 completes ckt w/ 45

 Station 5 (Press Jacks)

–          PAX 5 performs Press Jacks (holding a weight at chest level, jump your feet out as you extend the weight overhead / Lower the weight as you jump your feet together)

 Station 6 (Supine Pull-Ups)

–          PAX 6 performs supine pull-ups until PAX 1 completes ckt w/ 45

 Station 7 (Triceps Extensions)

–          PAX 7 performs triceps extensions w/ dumbbells until PAX 1 completes ckt w/ 45

 Station 8 (Globe Squatters)

–          PAX 8 performs globe squatters (in a sumo squat, hop off the floor w/ both feet as you circle the weight up and over your head 360 right, land in the deep squat and then reverse the arc left as you jump off the ground again) until PAX 1 completes ckt w/ 45

 Station 9 (Curls)

–          PAX 9 performs curls w/ dumbbells until PAX 1 completes ckt w/ 45

 Station 10 (Bunny Hops)

–          PAX 10 performs hop over’s (w dumbbell on the ground, stand to one side and jump with both feet laterally over the object and continue to alternate direction.  Back and forth back and forth until PAX 1 completes ckt w/ 45

Station 11 Dips

–         PAX 11 performs dips until PAX 1 completes ckt w/ 45

Station 12 Bounce House

–         PAX 12 jumps on the trampolene until PAX 1 completes ckt w/ 45

Rinse and repeat until 30 minutes are up!

Hand-Off to Glass Joe for Cardio nightmare!

Mosey over to the rock pile and get ‘the rock’.   Mosey on to the football field.

 Two rounds of The Devin Hester (100 yard sprints with partner 1 chasing partner 2 with the rock and then switching back). After round 1, we get a penalty for improper use of the football field by getting kicked off the field. The track is still available and a sign of pain to come! A second round of the Devin Hester on the track. 

After the beauty of the Devin Hester, we go on the road to nowhere: A hopeless road around the track leading nowhere where HB and Snowman find their happy zones of running.

 Run 1/2 the track. Plank. 10 merkins.

Run 1/2 the track. Plank. 10 dollies.

Run 1/2 the track. Plank. 10 LBCs HH-style

Run 1/2 the track. Plank. And then a not quite Peyton Manning-esque audible is called:

 Follow the leader to the Stairway to Heaven. A line of men running up stairs and then down stairs following the leader. At the bottom of the stairs, the leader peels off to the back of the line and we have a new leader. We ran each set of steps at the stadium this way. 

For a finish, someone jokingly (I think they were joking) suggested we run a circuit. That’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that!? Full track run in 90 seconds which would put you on pace for a six minute mile. 

Mosey ‘the rock’ back to the rock pile and continue to the flag.

Moleskin STUFF –

We did A LOT of STUFF today and Great job by everyone today!  Who knew all of you were runners! According to the app Map my Run, we ran 3.1 miles (or 5K to you still developing runners).  Great job by Double E, HH, Zip, GJ and Boonedock on bike for the 5 miler at 6AM.

DT, strong work yet again w/ the RUCK!  Congrats on the scale accomplishment of -40.  Keep it up man!  #whitheringawaytonothing

GJ, not sure where you went after the early 5 but we can only suspect that you kept moseying down Wesley Chapel headed for Taylor Glen to wake up Countertop!  #bladerunner

Snowman is starting to make it a habit of posting early 2 weeks in a row.  We used to enforce a 15 burpee penalty upon his late arrival but now a days we just do it because we like it!

I certainly can’t close w/out mentioning how we started off w/ a PAX of 11.  Hairband posted on time but felt the need to pull an Elvis and find the nearest port-A-potty stat.  #HOTPOCKET!

Strong work by all today and certainly a pleasure for the opportunity to lead such an eager and hungry PAX.

Until next time, ZIP is OUT!

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Great beatdown yet again.

If Glass Joe had told me I would be running a 5k in addition to all those pain stations, I may have stayed in the fartsack. #slowasaturtlerunner

But I got through it and I digress.

Thanks for your prayers for mom, she is doing much better!

I ask for your prayers for me from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (plus possible bonus time) for the Red Light & Blue ruck I will be a willing guinea pig in next Saturday. I blame Big League Chew for getting me in this thing. I’m not joking either, pray HARD! 🙂

REMINDER: I will be on Q for the first half of Outland on 8/16.

Until next time…

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Drop Thrill
9 years ago

And oh yeah, it will suck. 🙂

Hair Band
9 years ago

While I complain about running, I know I need it. So I begrudgingly appreciate the beatdown. Slow and steady wins… um, no not wins… well, finishes the race.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Hair Band
9 years ago

At least my Q won’t involved (much)running.

Glass Joe
9 years ago

Guys, no need to thank me for the running. I saw it in your smiling faces at the end. And I still hate that I’ll miss the DT Outland Virgin Q!

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