Swiper and the Slow Squats

  • When:8/4/14
  • QIC: Field of Dreams
  • The PAX: Dick Clark, Hamlet, Yunz, Red Rider, Catfish, Bruket, Kit Kat, Steinbrenner, Bono, Hammer, Mr Drummond, Dropbox, Drexler, Beef Eater, Big Willy, Rashard, Voodoo, Run Stopper, MK, Outback, Swiper (LIFO), Chappy (LIFO), FOD, missing one.

Swiper and the Slow Squats

Now Appearing at DMZ, 24 PAX, hard work, not much chatter.

The Thang:

Run to Carmel for 5 Burpees, then SSH x30, Squat x30, Merkin x20, Imperial Walker x20

Backwards Run, Karaoke L, Karaoke R, High Knee length of parking lot (1 each)

Jacob’s Ladder x 7 on grass hill – Burpees

Run to lower lot – Jack Webb 1:4 to 10 Merkins:40 Air Press

Build-A-Burpee with Partner:  Partners count Merkins/Donkey Kicks/Squats x 100 each while trading runs and exercises

15 Flutters/15 Mountain Climbers/15 LBC/15 Mountain Climbers/15 Freddie Mercury/15 Mountain Climbers/15 Knee Ups

Run to bottom of quiet cull de sac hill/10 Burpees/Wake up Watch Dog/Backward run to top.

Run back to Park with some Burpees from Run Stopper.

10 Diamonds – COT


Not one announcement, nothing.

Swiper wins the chatter and slowest squat award, then LIFO to Winston.

Hard work from all, Thanks to Snowflake for taking us out.




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9 years ago

Low Chatter = High Intensity
That Law applies pretty universally, with the exceptions of The Nibbler, Dredd, and Swiper.
Great Q as always FOD- I didn’t chisel my name in your stone tablet; so I’m the one missing in the Pax list. #toosmokedtoremember
Also points off for his penmanship, but you probably meant Brisket, not Bruket.

Reply to  Snowflake
9 years ago

Slow squats = more chatter, though you’re right that those three pretty much talk through almost everything.

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