Double (Deck)er Fun

  • When:07/26/2014
  • QIC: Champagne
  • The PAX: Frehley's Comet, Wingman, Mr. Bean, Bartman, Dolphin, Young Love, Puppy Love, Brisket, Garbage Plate, Fireman Ed, Market Timer, Morning After,

Double (Deck)er Fun

13 of the finest SOBs posted for a little something different south of 51. Thats Sons of Ballantyne for those wondering.

Disclaimer provided- granted lack of attention means not sure all heard it.

And we were off

The Thang:

Fellowship pace run to Metlife building

Circle up between two parking decks next to putting green
Instructions were given:

Partner up similar speed

Each will run to a parking deck taking the ramp to the top (4 stories and roughly .5 miles) back down the stairs for given number of times then meet in the middle – plank until your partner returns
And do given number of merkins in single count cadence

Round 1 – 1 cycle up ramp to the top and down the stairs, meet in the middle and do 10 merkins.

Round 2 – switch decks and run 2 cycles up deck ramp to the top and down the stairs, meet in the middke and do 20 merkins.

Round 3 – switch decks again and run 3 cycles up deck ramp to the top and down the stairs, meet in the middle and do 30 merkins.

Round 4 – switch decks again and run 4 cycles up deck ramp to the top and down the stairs, meet in the middle and do 40 merkins

If time was still remaining begin laddering back down.

At 6:52 time was called and everyone headed back to launch point at fellowship pace.


YHC knew we would’nt make it all the way up the ladder and back down. Actually no one made it all the way thru the 4th round. Brisket and Younglove came close with right at nine trips up the parking decks. The point was to push as hard as you could for the entire time.

Great work by everyone today. This one was tough. YHC came up with the idea while a recon mission in the AO yesterday.
There are lots of parking decks there and YHC thought we needed to put more of them to use. There are actaully 7 decks in the AO so expect to see more of them in the future.

Thanks for the honor and privilege to lead this great group of men today. Lots of great work out there today. Everyone pushed it hard out there this am and the humidity was terrible.

Also some good 2nd F in the middle. Quote of the day from Frehley’s – “Are we doing abs? YHC – No. Frehley’s – Well I’m going to do some. I need to do abs. It will be bad if i don’t get to do abs.


BRR runs Thursday evening 7:30 pm Night Train and Sunday morning 6:00 am Rum Runner.

Mud Run signups still open. Time for Area 51 to step up. Lots of free agents so no need to have a complete team

That’s all I’ve got. Comment below on anything YHC missed.

Champagne out.

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