Back Blast – Death Valley

  • When:07/23/14
  • QIC: Header
  • The PAX: Good hands, semi gloss, alf, stage coach, shore, snitzle, sky walker, bananas, red card, Calloway, puddin pop, coal miners daughter, run stopper, pin stripes, zippity, senca, su sudio, bush, header, FNG - Tom tom

Back Blast – Death Valley

20 Pax and 1 FNG set out in the gloom for what ended up being a nice little merkinfest.

The thang…

COP – 10 burpees OYO

SSH X 25

IW X 20

Merkins X 20

Mountain climbers X 20

10 burpees OYO

We then ran to Davey Park with 2-3 merkin stops along the way. Partner up on our arrival at the park for some merkin ladders. End up doing 210 Merkins per pax.

We then ran to the light poles and while partner A sprinted to the 2nd light pole and back, partner B would do said excercise. Flap jack.

Carolina dry docks, Merkins, burpees

Freddie mercury, Merkins, LBC

we ran back to home while doing merkin sets along the way

Everybody finished up w 10 Merkins before COT


Great work men! Many are training and getting a lot of miles under their shoes but everyone held up nicely with the additional running.  Nice job on the Merkins- don’t know the exact count but it was definitely 300+. Welcome FNG Tom Tom the next time he passes through from New Hampshire!

it is a privilege to Q – thanks for the opportunity!


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9 years ago

The title of this backblast is one of my all time favorites.

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