Track Work 101

  • When:07/21/14
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Paley, Hopper, Geraldo, Hughie bear, White snake, Matador, Hopper, Simba, Swanson, Spinner and FNG - Cash Money

Track Work 101

I was floored when I rolled in at 5:29 am to 11 Pax waiting patiently. The last time I led at base camp, the numbers were much smaller, so it was a welcome sight. I noticed that many of the men avoided looking me in the eyes, maybe it was the fact that I was running a bit late, or because they were afraid I would target them personally in the workout. Who knows, all I know is that I laced up and we headed off like scalded dogs (thanks to TR for the use of this term).

The Thang’

  • Run to the lower track for some impromptu Track Work 101- circle up on track proceed to each corner for moving COT:
  • Corner #1: SSH x25
  • Corner #2: Mirkens x10
  • Corner #3: Burpees 10 OYO

Fence Sit – 2 Mins (alternate leg raises)

  • Corner #4: LBC x20


  • Corner #3: Nipplers x20 (10 each nipple)
  • Corner #2: Prisoner slow Squat x30
  • Corner #1: Wide Mirkens x10

Fence Sit – 2 Mins w/ Arm Raises

Partner Up

  • Mosey to center of 100 Meter.
  • Each Partner takes off in an all out sprint to opposite side of track. 50 Merkens between partners.
  •  Mosey to 50 yard line.
  • Partner Wheel Barrows to end zone, flapjack back to 50 yard line.
  • Burpee Broad Jump 25 yards, and back

 Form two lines for an Indian Run for 800 Meters.

 Mosey to parking lot for a little moderate intensity Jack Webb

  • 1 Mirken x4 arm raises
  • 2 Mirkens x8 arm raises
  • Continue to 5/20 arm raises.

 Naked Moleskin:

It was a great feeling seeing such a large crowd at base camp this morning. I believe the numbers were a true representation of the level and quality of workouts that Fireman Ed, Smash and Passport have brought to this location, keep up the good work. Hopefully I will be invited back to Que again.

This morning, we had one FNG Cash-Money, he said he loved the workout so rest assured he will be back for more.

Hats off to White Snake. He showed a lot of heat today, and kept on keeping on.

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9 years ago

Thanks for the kind words, Run Stopper. As some of the other Pax know, I came out of a completely sedentary lifestyle (no exercise to speak of for 20 years) straight into F3. It’s been tough work, but it’s already paying off.

As Dora (and now you) can attest, running is not my strong point…at all. Scares me to death. But F3 is making me stronger, little by little.

Thanks for pushing me today, and thanks for hanging back when I started to fall behind. Can’t say enough about the support of the Pax. Your support, patience, and encouragement keeps me going.


9 years ago

Are you sure they were trying to avoid the eye contact, or did that perhaps go #rightoveryourhead?

9 years ago

Are you sure they were trying to avoid the eye contact, or did that perhaps go #rightoveryourhead?

9 years ago

Good stuff today Runstopper. The broad jump Burpees were tough, and everytime I looked up you were another 5 yards ahead. #Beastmode

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