They Call Him Flipper, Flipper, Faster Than Lightning

  • When:07/19/14
  • QIC: Flipper - Virgin Q
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Spandex, Deep Dish, Iron Horse, Strawberry, Tadpole, Deadlift, Bug Eater, The Mouth, Flutie Flakes, FNG - Munk, Flipper - QIC, The Q had a phone recording fail and inadvertently left off 4 pax, sound off in the comments and I'll add you to the pax list.

They Call Him Flipper, Flipper, Faster Than Lightning

(Posted On Behalf Of Flipper By Mall Cop)

Flipper’s Backblast Title: A Burpee By Any Other Name

We had 16 Pax including 1 FNG under the VSF at the Rock for a wet and grassy Virgin Q.  As promised there was running a-plenty as the uninitiated were thrown into the deep end of the hoplite pool!
The Thang:
Mosey to the 51 parking lot and circle up for warm up
Merkens X25
Side Straddle Hops X25
Imperial Walker X 25


Mosey to the bottom of the hill by the ball fields, divided into 4 quads then jumped into the first of 2 Hoplite Miles which went something like this:
.25 mile run – Squat Plank Thrust X 5
.25 mile run – Gladiator Sprawl X 5
.25 mile run –  Exploding Star Merken X 10
.25 mile run  –  Balance Burpee X 5
100 LBC rest


Now that we knew what to expect, the mumble chatter died a bit going into the second mile which played out as below:
.25 mile run – Square ups X 5
.25 mile run – Chair Jacks X 10
.25 mile run –  Phalanx Squat Lunge X 10
.25 mile run –  Super Burpee X 5
Thanks to The Mouth at this point we ran to the top of the hill, plank walked back and then rolled down the hill then back to plank after we stopped feeling drunk.
For our 3rd mile we switched it a bit:
.25 mile run  – Roller Boat X 5
.5 mile run with the 2 quads each direction ending at the bottom of the hill, bear crawl to the top then hold plank for about 90 seconds while Tadpole went to get some water.


Run to the playground  –  Pull up and hold 3 seconds X 10
Run to the hill – Crab walk down and reverse crab walk back up


Mosey to Jail break back to the cars – plank it up with 30 seconds of 6 inches to finish the sweat fest
A lot of running with very little break but solid effort by all present with no puppets to be found, I may even be asked to Q again some day.
Spandex advised Mtn Khaki’s will be holding a clearance sale today at Carowinds check the Facebook page and there will be a pre-party for the 24 hours of booty race.  Volunteers are also needed to help with the race, see Spandex. 
Tadpole is looking to make some money this summer so please think up whatever degrading work you don’t wanna do and hit him up on twitter, but be sure to have some water available for the poor lad as he dehydrates easily! 


Finally on 7/26 for those PAX who want in, Join me after The Rock for a 2 hour bootcamp workout Spartan Race style at the Harris YMCA.  Sign information is available here:  You’ll get a free T-shirt, a spartan bracelet and get to meet about 200-300 Spartan Enthusiasts from across the city.  Gonna be a heckuva time.


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9 years ago

Even the Virgo Q gets it. Pax start to mumble, one jokingly calls out ( no need to mention it was The Mouth) what are we gonna do next “roll down the hill or something” and sure enough, roll down the hill was called. Fortunately it was not north face. But it may have been the funnest part of the workout. Listening to the dizzy pax good times.

Also I think with no 2.0s on premises folks were letting the “that’s what she said” fly around pretty freely. My count was 4.

Great Q flipper. From your FNG F3 Olympics post to leading a Q at the Rock was a short time man. Great to see. Learned lots of new moves. May bring one or two to hydra workout.

Mall cop, glad to see you three amigo site Q’s can still write backblasts.

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