Old Timer Reunion

  • When:07/16/2014
  • QIC: Mic Check
  • The PAX: Philmont, Wing Man, Frasier, Outback, Mr Bean, Hops, Tiger Rag, Mall Cop, Duncan, Tickle, Yogurt, Pop, Chipotle, Grimes, Boomer Sooner, Mic Check

Old Timer Reunion

13 men and 3 old timers showed up to The Maul to put in work.

30 Seal Jacks

25 IWS

25 MTN

25 Peter Parkers

25 Parker Peters

grab a partner, size matters.

80 team plank decline merkins

80 team jump tucks

partner carry half way down the parking lot, flap jack, mosey back

rinse and repeat

line up for a little running with a few exercises mixed in

AYG to first median 10 Burpees – mosey back

AYG to second median 9 Burpees – mosey back

AYG to third median 8 Burpees – mosey back

AYG to fourth median 7 Burpees – mosey back

repeat with Seal Jacks

repeat with Burpees again

Lets roll to the hill to finish, not with Mary, but with more running and Burpees.

AYG across the lot and up the hill and back 10 burpees

AYG across the lot and up the hill and back X3 to finish it off.


It’s not often that TR, Mall and Hops make it out to The Maul these days, so it was great to see the old timers on the pavement again.  Obviously they post many other places and quite often because they were beasts through the whole workout.

YHC kept it simple with 2 basic exercises that will cause O2 deprivation in a hurry, sprints and Burpees.  So proud of the hard work put in by all today. Everyone seemingly took their turn leading the sprints.  However nobody was ever quite in the lead as much as Fraisier.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that guy tired, and he was my Mud Run teammate this Spring.

New guys Tickle, Yogurt, Duncan and, Pop seemed to be in their element with the running as they were out in front many times.  Mr Bean and Outback were also strong today.  If you haven’t had the pleasure to workout next to Bean you are really missing out.  He’s like Philmont with a British accent and a sailors tongue.  Speaking of Philly, that guy is pushing hard down the home stretch to his goal of being ready for his big hike.  You’re the man Philmont.




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9 years ago

A painful work out as was to be expected when Mic Check is on Q. Also painful to be described as an old-timer; however, not as painful as being war daddy which happened a few Saturdays ago. I am old and thankful I’m still sitting up and taking nourishment.
Mr. Bean being described as Philmont with a British accent and sailor’s tongue is pure comedy

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