Fellowship of the Rock

  • When:07/16/2014
  • QIC: Young Love
  • The PAX: Cane, Strawberry, Go Beaker, Mermaid, Billie Jean, Abacus, 49er, Brisket, Escargot, Brushback, Brown, Chanel, Bulldog, Spandex, Swanson, Heartbreaker, Busch, Pickle (triple hate), Young Love (Q)

Fellowship of the Rock

19 men posted this morning for some quality midweek work. After the disclaimer was dutifully provided, this is what happened:

Beginning as always with a simple “follow me” we ran around the parking lot, paused briefly so that each of us could pick up a rock and then ran with our rock around the parking lot some more. If you have previously posted at Anvil (aka. The Rock on the weekends) then you know that running around the (huge) parking lot is akin to running to Piper Glen and back. Twice. And always magically uphill no matter which way you go.

Circled-up for COP:

– SSH (rock-less) x25, Imperial Walker (again, no rock) x20, mountain climbers (sans rock) x25, flutter-press (WITH ROCK!) x25, slow squats (again, with rock in hand) x20

We ran some more, purposely ending at the bottom of the hill known affectionately as Entrance #4 (horrible corporate-type name). Partner up, like size, fitness and stones, if possible.

– Partner #1: Sprint (WITH ROCK!) to top of hill, 10 jump squats with rock, run back. Partner #2: cycle of 10 merkins (no rock), 10 squats (yes rock), 10 LBCs (rock), repeating as necessary until partner returns. Flapjack. Repeat whole thing 3 more times (total of 4).

– Plankorama (not really a 10-count if you’re planking at 6 inches)

– Bearcrawl up hill, run back to bottom of hill. Do it again, but flip around halfway and continue with backwards bear crawl up hill, run back to bottom.

– Partner wheelbarrow up hill, flapjack in middle, run back to bottom.

– Partner carry up hill, flapjack in middle, run back to bottom.

Then we picked up our rocks and ran around some more. This time stopping on the perfectly manicured soccer fields. Nicely watered, too, thanks to the flash-monsoon the night before.

– Drop rock in middle of field and sprint to little hill (approx. 150 yds) while wiating for the six to arrive. Jog back to rocks. Do it again since the six ain’t quite there yet. Regroup at the rocks.

– Find your partner and Pepper Pod to the little hill. Run back to the rocks and do it again since it was so much fun.

Realizing that some folks were amazingly still dry, we lined up for tunnel of love (with rock).

Everyone sufficently grassy and wet, we finished up with an uphill (of course) run back to the rock pile (with rock), circled back to the six to assist/encourage/stay as a group, and then proceeded (no rock) as a group to COT.



– I’m pretty sure that it rained every day the last two winters. I know this because I was out in the rainy gloom most of those days. I realized last night while it was raining that it had been awhile since I had last gotten wet (other than sweat) at a workout. Thus, we ended up sliding across the fields at 6 am. Grass clippings came as a bonus.

– 3 things happened this morning that reminded me why I enjoy F3 workouts: we got a good workout, we did it together, and we did it outside, enjoying the rocks, wet grass and a beautiful sunrise. Given that I’ve basically sat at my desk the rest of the day, you can easily see why this was the highlight of my day.

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9 years ago

Great Q YL! The M was up late with the baby and missed FIA. It was great to meet some new guys and post with some I had not seen in a while. The rock continues to be a perfect location for the south Charlotte crew.

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