Suns Out Guns Out

  • When:07/12/14
  • QIC: Boutique, Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: Soul Glow, Radar, Purple Haze, Smash, Iron Horse, Boutique, Semi-Gloss, McGruber, Philmont, Camacho, Bugeater, Probation

Suns Out Guns Out

(Posted on behalf of Boutique and Semi-Gloss)

12 or so men partook in a little toughness.

The Thang

Boutique Q

Warm up lap cross field with backwards run & karaoke mixed in.

COP on basketball court:
SSH x 25
IW x 20
Mtn Climbers x 20
Merkins x 15

Mosey to front lot:
Minute To Win It (PAX does called exercise for 1 minute followed by lap around lot)
Calf Raises

Just before our Burpee set, The Rock infiltrated the PAX.

Mosey over to the wall for a little peoples chair:
Left for up
Right for up
Over head press x 20 in cadence

HANDOFF to Semi-Gloss

Mosey to yellow rose parking lot

Partner up.

Partner laps. Finish with 100 merkins for the team.

Lap 2 run around and finish 300 lbc’s.

Indian run back to campus.

30 dollies cad

20 flutters cad

Mosey to playground.
30 dips, 30 derkins, 30 pull ups

Mosey back to the parking lot

Ye olde moleskin

The weather was warm. The pax complaining and well for me it was no shirt today.

Boutique lead the pax off to a solid karaoke and a great workout with a little interval training. The lap work was especially painful but needed especially for me. The running was going great but in the background we could hear the fAint sounds of some pax and what can only be Runstopper rocking out the drill sergeant workout.

Apparently the q’s at the rock weren’t there today so the guys over there came our way. Just in time for my q. I had to call an audible after Boutique’s wall sit because of the size of the group.

We mosied over to the yellow rose pkg lot and decided to run. At first the pax were on board  but I felt a mutiny coming after the second round and the runstopper reminded me that they still have to run back to the rock.

When we began the Indian run back the back of the line wasn’t making it so we circled and pushed through.

YHC was a little bad on the time and I called the Mary a little too soon. Don’t worry radar of course gave me enough crap on it.

Haven’t q’d at day zero in a while and enjoyed it. Always a good workout on a Saturday to get the week out right.  

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9 years ago

Shirtless wonders it was. Add in the Larry Bird shorts rockin by Iron horse and the workout started taking the form of a fashion show. Fun to see the Rock join Day Zero pax.

Great Q’s as that was a LONG hour that wouldn’t end…

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