Kevlar is a kickin

  • When:07/11/14
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Big League Chew (KB), Simba (KB), Tiger Rag (KB), Header, Turkey Leg, Horsehead, Flutie Flakes, Donkey Kong, Geraldo, Pudding Pop, Susudio, Stagecoach, Sanka, Bessie (FNG), Spackler, Country Livin, Focker, Zip-A-Dee, Hacker, Hairball, Clunkin, Scratch and Win, Focker, Fletch, Beiber, Jeter, Steinbrenner, Harley, Tackling Dummy, Alf, Cottonmouth,

Kevlar is a kickin

After the pre blast banter Fireman Ed was a notable absentee but some of the pax went with the soccer kit theme. Scratch and Win went all out and even showed up with his own soccer ball and goalie gloves!


Mosey to lot
SSH x 15
IW x 15
Merkin x 15
Lunges x 15
Carolina Dry Docks x 15
Slow squat x 12
Merkin Spider-Man combo x 15
Partner up and run 12 hills while partner does merkins and flap jack
Mosey to soccer field
Half on outside of circle with ball and half without in middle.
Middle group sprint to outside and receive ball and do 6 toe taps and partner on outside does toe taps waiting for partner.
Repeato with two footed jumps.
Repeato with merkins on ball and partner does burpees
Repeato with sit up headers
Repeato with sit up throws
Two lines – race each other to score on goal. Loser does 10 burpees and winner does 5.

Big group of 31 pax showed up and got down and dirty today. Despite the soccer theme only one flop was recorded and I think it was Sanka during the soccer circle section. No Semi Gloss today to get snipered on the hill either but a good sweat going all round today. Some of the lads looked very comfortable with their ball control today especially Susudio in his Liverpool shirt. Pudding Pop bravely wore a Suarez Liverpool kit and managed to refrain from biting anyone during the workout. Great having Zip-A-Dee back in the mix and the energy he brings during cadence! Triple claps to Steinbrenner from bringing out the 2.0’s in Beiber and Jeter today. Both hung tough and managed to dish out some burpees on the dash to goal. Welcome FNG Bessie so called for the last name of Vaca (cow in Spanish) who was head locked by Hairball. TR seems to have found his naming gift once more and especially apt due to it being dress as a cow day at Chic Fil A today!
Pleasure leading you boys today and thanks for being open to something new!

Sign up for Mud Run
3rd F’s all over the south
Saturday workouts as scheduled
F3 Dads tomorrow at 0900 Colonel Beatty Park.

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Hair Band
9 years ago

Hate I missed the soccer themed beatdown, I should be back to Kevlar next week for the humid sweat fest we seem to be having in the gloom lately.

By the way, prayers appreciated for my oldest daughter (17) & team who is coming back from a mission trip in Nicaragua for a safe return. They are supposed to be getting back into Charlotte around midnight tonight.

In a very fitting coincidence, part of the mission trip was a soccer camp she helped lead along with others from her soccer club in the town they stayed in with about 120 kids/people taking part.

9 years ago

Nice job Bulldog, the soccer activities adds to Fun Friday. BTW, the guy in the video worked hard for his Chick Fill A sandwich.

Reply to  Geraldo
9 years ago

They’re not booing. They’re saying, “Moo.”

9 years ago

Things of note:
Scratch and win was definitely best dressed.
Susudio still has his touch, I do not.
I tried to draw the yellow card on TR, but the Ref/Q wasn’t going for it.
Good stuff today Bulldog.

Scratch & Win
Scratch & Win
9 years ago

Great Q Bulldog. A proper beat down that had me feeling nostalgic for those preseason days. Solid creativity and leadership.

9 years ago

We should have lined up for PK’s

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