71…Nuff Said

  • When:07/11/14
  • QIC: The Hoff
  • The PAX: Dredd, Angler, Mr. Hankey, Culkin, Dora, Saurus

71…Nuff Said

Today was a special day for SPEARHEAD.  We were honored to be able to celebrate Angler’s 71st Birthday a little early this week and were welcomed by Dredd for this monumental occasion.  There were many fine moments and I encourage the Pax to ask about Dredd’s feelings on fast food #classicrealAmerican!

The Thang:

     – All exercises were set to a theme of 71

     – Each section of the routine focused on a significant exercise we did with Angler during the last year at a GORUCK event

Warm up: COP: 71 Reps

SSH x 25

Squat and Overhead Ruck Press x 20

Mountain Climbers Jump over Ruck in Cadence x 15

8 Count Body Builders x 10

Merkin Wave x 1 round (actually went several rounds here beacuse it took Pax a while to figure it out)

Class 096: Shimmy Shim Shim / Crowd Surf

     – Perform Shimmy Shim Sim as a team for 35.5 yards

          – Failed. Penalty Merkins x 10

     – Perform Crowd Surf as a team for 35.5 yards

          – YHC called audible after everyone got to go due to time constraints

Class 815: Partner Rep work with Sprints of 71 yards x 2

     – Partner up teams of 2

     – P1 Mankers with Ruck Press; P2 Sprint 142 yards 

     – P2 Manmakers with Ruck Press; P1 Sprint 142 yards

     – Rinse and Repeat until team gets to 71 total Reps

Class 990: Tie Up Rucks together (YHC had to exit for 1 minute…more on that later) and Lunge Walk 71 Yards as a team

 Class 1064: Football Sled Push (simulating the pushing of that horrible Log we dragged for miles)

     – 71 yards; Turn around, 71 more yards

Class 909: Sleeping Cadre

     – Angler wounded, lie in casualty bag…act like he’s sleeping

     – Carry him 71 yards, turn around, carry back 71 yards

Class 943: Seal Team Sit Up

     – Rucks on Stomach

     – Interlock Arms and shoulder-to-shoulder with Pax

     – 71 Team Sit Ups



Great work out there gentleman.  It was a true honor getting the opportunity to be out there leading you today.  This day was very meaningful to us at SPEARHEAD as we honored our War Daddy who remains the oldest and only Vietnam Vet to complete a GORUCK Challenge.  We can’t wait to see what this man is going to do in 2014-2015…a Heavy maybe??

Hats off to Dora and Hankey who came out early and ran 3 miles in preparation for this workout.  Even though running does suck, it was cool to see Mr. Hankey’s leadership come out as he helped Dora with Sprint Intervals.  Outstanding job guys

We also welcomed our FNG to Friday SPEARHEAD, Saurus.  He is a silent assassin for sure and come out to his debut Q on Tuesday at SPEARHEAD.  Should be a great one!

Personally, I learned more about how awesome ‘Merica is today from Dredd’s perspective.  Just need to get a cheeseburger thrown at me in 30 seconds and build a Flintstone gym #thatslivin! Just as much as we were honored to do today for Angler, it was an honor to have Dredd out to see what we’ve been up to.  Hope to see more of you out with us.

As for the rest and the whole team.  You guys are what makes Q’ing so much fun.  The Teamwork, Leadership and Work Ethic out there was phenominal!  #dowork

As always, thank you for posting with us and it was a truly inspiration moment today… (aside from the minute I had to run off as I was literally experiencing a movement beyone belief, lol)

Respectfully, The Hoff

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10 years ago

Great job, Hoff. Thank you for a very creative WOD. If I had not been laughing so hard at the mumble chatte I would have gone to sleep in about 15 yards.

10 years ago

Very honored to be asked to share my Brother’s 71st birthday in the unique and painful Spearhead way. I love what Spearhead is doing. Keep doing it.

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