3 is the Magic Number

  • When:07/10/2014
  • QIC: Puddin Pop
  • The PAX: Bugeater (run in), Fletch (run in), Champagne (run in), Iron Horse(run in) (WD), Brown, Gecko, Morning After, Brushback, Tackling Dummy, Scratch n’ Win, Focker, Escargot, Hacker, Puddin Pop (QIC)

3 is the Magic Number

[posted on behalf of Puddin Pop]


14 of Area 51’s finest came out to play in a little Hydra fun.

The Thang

Mosey to practice field for COP:

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • IW x 25 IC
  • Slow Squat x 25 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 25 IC

Partner up into Groups of 3 to cover some ground at OP.

Partner 1 – Top of small track

  • Jump Squats x30
  • Dive bomber merkins x 20
  • Hand release merkins x 10

Partner 2 – Concession area

  • Dips x 30
  • Jump up/Step up x20
  • Derkins x10

Partner 3 run between stations relieving team members (stopping at playground knocking out 5 pull-ups at transition area)

Rinse and repeat for +/- 20 mins

Mosey through trail to Fox(y)worth Road – stay in 3 man groups

Partner 1 – Bottom of Foxworth

  • LBCs

Partner 2  – Top of Foxworth

  • CDDs

Partner 3 – run back and forth to relieve team members at top and bottom

Mosey back to parking lot while giving a jailbreak sprint across practice field

3 mins of Mary

  • Rosalita (en espanol) x20
  • Protractor round robin (PAX called on to give next angle)


AO at OP is quite vast, and I like using a lot of it.  Shoulders seem to want a little work today, so I believe the PAX also were feeling it.  Same guys that seemed to run it also crushed it on the hills at Foxworth.  Champagne didn’t seem to like the 20 rep count of Dive Bombers in the outset, sorry brother, even though I Q-jacked this type workout from you a few weeks ago.  Great work by all overall, thanks for the opportunity to lead!

Champagne – thanks for sending us out too brother.


F3 Dads back on this Saturday – Francis Beatty Park – Alf on Q

Mud Run sign ups deadline 7/15 – Gummy on Q

Area 51 tutoring program – see Champagne

Charlotte Knights game @ new BB&T Ballpark uptown, 7/29 Thursday, Hops on Q – evite coming!

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Scratch & Win
Scratch & Win
9 years ago

Great Q today Pop! And way to be a champ and put yourself in a group of only two, ensuring more pain for you and Focker.

9 years ago

Great Q Puddin pop – excellent use of the AO – shoulder’s were burning during the divebomber merkins. Bugeater – thanks for posting up the pre-run. Awesome route for BRR Prep.

9 years ago

Great workout today Puddin – enjoy when we really use all of this AO – great spot.

Also those PAX interesting in helping with tutoring this fall, shoot me an email bdbriggs@gmail.com

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