Hot Plate Special

  • When:07/02/14
  • QIC: Mic Check
  • The PAX: Worm, Loogie, Puppy Love, Frehley's Comet, Madam Tusaud, Yogurt, Tickle, Tootie, Dirty Diana, Screech, Rip Curl, Philmont, Hops, Market Timer, Honeybee, FNG Clouseau, Outback, Checkpoint, Teddy, Black Bear, Wing then leave a space Man, Mr. freeze, Mic Check

Hot Plate Special

The Maul was serving up a breakfast hot plate special this morning.  23 lined up to get a taste.

  • SSH x 31
  • Slow Low Squat x 10
  • 10 regular merkins
  • 10 wide arm merkins
  • 7 diamonds – YHC arms gave out and that’s all I could do
  • 10 Burpees OYO

Count off to create 5 groups, then line up with your group behind weighted plates.  1 team member pushes the plate, while the rest do called out exercise.  Then whole team chases plate pushing member down.  The following exercises were completed.

  • 7 merkins
  • 10 rock hoppers
  • 5 Star Jumps
  • 5 Squats
  • 5 merkins

Yes we went up and down the parking lot multiple times.  It wasn’t fun.

Finish it off with inch worm while your team planks, then 6 inches.

Mosey in for Mary to finish

  • Dolly
  • Flutter
  • Elbow plank
  • left elbow plank
  • right elbow plank
  • Mason twist
  • Pax led protractor


The always crowd pleasing hair burners made its presence felt today.  It was a lot of guys first time pushing the plates.  Impressive work out there on what I consider to be the toughest of all F3 activities.  We had the plates working non-stop that they got hot.  According to Wing, leave a space, Man the heat causes friction and thus slowly the speed.

The Pax were competing hard out there and really pushing themselves.  I heard a lot of encouragement amongst the teams as well.

Shout out to semi new guys (or maybe just new to me) who are posting a bunch and busting tail out there.  Dirty D, Black Beard, Outback, Tootie and Rip Curl.  I see you guys out there, keep up the hard work.

Welcome to FNG Clouseau.


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10 years ago

If you are planning to attend F3Camp in August with your 2.0(s) please get your registration in ASAP – trying to nail down #’s and cabin assignments.


10 years ago

Don’t know of that is fact or fiction. Bit I’m going with fact about the hot plates. Can’t explain another reason why it got harder with each push.

Reply to  Wingman
10 years ago

probably both fact and fiction. fact: the plates were getting hot due to friction
fiction: they did not get harder due to heat, rather due to muscle failure

great Q Mic Check. I was stinkin’ smoked after the COP….what the heck

10 years ago

Anyone seen Philmont’s F3 Banner? If so, please bring to Rebel Yell on Thursday, Calvary Convergence on Friday or Saturday. Last seen at the Mud Run in April. Would like it back so I can loan it out again.

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