#F3Swift – Around the block

  • When:07/01/2014
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Brisket, Bratwurst, the Mouth, Frasier, Honeybee, Haggis, Silk, Tootie, Abacus, Madame Tussaud, Spinner, Jamboree, Undertaker

#F3Swift – Around the block

13 PAX delivered on an absolute downPAINMENT at Swift this morning.


  • The group started off as 16 PAX at 0515 for the warm-up, and we held pretty close to the following:  Warm up: Jog 1.75 mi very easy; light stretch; 7 Drills + 3 Strides. 3 PAX left us to opt for a different kind of pain at Bagpipe.
  • Main workout = Run 4:30 at 10K pace.  Jog 1 minute recovery and regroup.  Repeat for 3 total sets.
  • Cool-down = 1.7mi+ at 3rd F pace
  • Haggis and Honeybee led 5 minutes of Mary at COT.  At least 4 minutes of it were flutters…
  • Total miles between 5 and 6 – report and route at http://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/532238773 or http://www.strava.com/activities/160274171

The Moleskin:

  • 13 PAX is some kind of record (if records were kept for this sort of thing)!  Positive momentum still.  With SIB (29) and FastTwitch (16)- that’s 58 guys putting in some strong work for BRR and other running stuff on the horizon…
  • Don’t ever let Haggis lead Mary and only give instructions of “how ever long you want”.  He probably led about 100 flutters…or so it seemed.  YHC only joined in at the end.
  • The workout today was a modification of 3x1200m with 1 min rest.  If you want to do this one again an your own, keep the same 10K pace, but go for the full 1200m.  Future workouts at Swift may go beyond 1mi intervals, but we’ll always keep them time-based to keep PAX starting and stopping together.  What you do you on your own time is up to you #sadclown.
  • “Moderately rolling” around Ballantyne corporate park is just that, but it sure makes it hard with our Temps/Humidity and Pace.  YHC again had to back off on the last interval after that long hill through the parking lot.  Great BRR training for some of those Medium and Hard legs in the BRR have hills that aren’t killer, but they just keep coming.
  • Welcome to Swift FNGs The Mouth and Undertaker.  New PAX being added weekly is a sign that the word is getting out.  If you want a great group environment to push yourself on a Hot & Humid morning past the point where you what do as a #sadclown, get out to Swift, SIB, or FastTwitch (can’t believe an acknowledgement was just made there that FT is a running workout)!  We hope to also provide some knowledge and experience about routines and workouts you can use throughout your experienced or budding fitness career.
  • Putting out an APB for Soft Pretzel to come back to Swift.  And where is Long Haul these days?
  • One more thing on Stretching – again, don’t “Static” stretch cold in the gloom before the workout.  There’s certainly nervous energy and it feels silly just standing around waiting for the PAX to arrive.  Do some dynamic standing high-knees, butt-kicks, leg swings, ankle rolls, etc. if you must, but better to warm-up for 10+ minutes before doing the static stretch.  Even then, keep it light pre and post for a hard workout.  Use overall fitness to keep the body loose.  Maybe a longer stretch session could be done after FastTwitch because of the lower intensity, but save heavy stretching after an Easy day.


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10 years ago

Another good one Bratwurst. The run back home seemed to be uphill all the way, even at the 3rd F pace. Each week seems to bring something a little different at Swift. Highly recommend it to any and all PAX as Brat does good job of keeping us together.

10 years ago

I echo Abucus’ comments. Brat, we appreciate the way you bring it every week. You have everything calculated and organized. Most of us are like Forest Gump; we just “run”.

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