Day Zero Challenge- Pre Blast

  • When:6-28-2014
  • QIC: The Giant Weinke

Day Zero Challenge- Pre Blast

Come join us tomorrow and see how you have grown or where you go from here. 

Details Below 

The Day Zero Challenge 

We all dedicate a great deal of discipline, time and effort into participating in F3 workouts. Purple Haze and I want to help you measure your results on a regular basis. The event will consist of several exercises completed over a 1 hour period. It will be the same every time we hold the Day Zero Challenge. (We are thinking every 8 weeks or so). The clock will start at 0700 and end at 0800. You will measure how far you get within the cycle. And then the next time you do it try to exceed your last. 

There will be no coupons, sandbags, etc. It will be just you, your body and your mind. I think it is a safe assumption that the exercises chosen will be difficult and so will the amount you have to do. We wouldn’t call it a challenge if this wasn’t the case. 

There will be no heroes in the back blast or scores posted. If you want Purple Haze and I to keep track of how far you get then we are happy to do so. That way you do not have to worry about tracking your improvement. 

Things to consider: 

If you need to warm up, show up early and do so. The clock will start at 0700. We will have a timer out there so everyone is on the same page. We may even have some tunes going. (requests for music is acceptable but nothing promised. Keep it clean)

We will meet in a COP on the lower fields. This is where we will start. The exercises and clock will be posted so you can see.

2.0s are welcome but keep in mind that the purpose of this is for you to progress as far as you can within the hour time allotment.

Good form is always a topic at Area 51. Especially when certain individuals are present. You should know the right way to do the exercises. No one will call anyone out. Integrity is expected in everything we do. This is about you only. (Of course, I am sure there will be some healthy motivational banter out there too.)

Bring water because you will be smoked at the end of this.

Here is an example of how it will work. The sequence has not been determined yet but will be soon. Each set of exercise is followed by a lap around the track. (The lap will consist of every inch of the cement track. If you stay on the outside edge you will be fine. I note this because there are places where you could cut across (basketball court). We will try to put some cones out to guide you)



Exercise #1- 

100 Burpees 

Take a lap. 

Exercise #2 

100 Squats 

Take a lap 

It will go on like this until one hour expires. We hope to see you all out there.

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Purple Haze
9 years ago

It is you vs you.

And me vs you. Record stands at 1-3…the tide starts to turn tomorrow. #Dominate

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