Choose Your Partner Wisely

  • When:06/11/14
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Brown, Fireman Ed, Geraldo, Father's Bum, Runstopper, Schnitzel (KB), Puddin Pop, Radar, Sussudio (KB), Stone Cold (KB), Calloway, Turkey Leg, Lex Luther, Uncle Leo, Scratch and Win, Salt Lick, Coleslaw, Gummy, Donkey Kong, Coal Miner's Daughter, Stagecoach (KB), Splinter

Choose Your Partner Wisely

—Posted on behalf of Splinter—


22 of Area 51’s finest avoided the fartsack and embraced a little competition at Death Valley.  “Give me 110% or keep your filthy hands off my rock.”  Not sure if everyone gave 110% but there was a lot of sweating, hands on knees, and even some crop dusting.


The Thang:

Mosey to Track.  Light jog ¾ of track then circle up.



SSH x 25

IW x 25

Merkin (slow in cadence) x 20

Mountain Climber x 25


Partner up.  Size does not matter.  Speed and Strength does matter.


Competition 1

Most pushups in 2 minutes

Loser did burpees x 10. Winner burpees x 5


Competition 2

Run 800 meters

Fleet of Feet plank for rest of PAX

Loser did 20 Merkins. Winner 10 Merkins


Competition 3

Most sit ups in 2 minutes

Loser did burpees x 10. Winner burpees x 5


Competition 4

Run 800 Meters

Losers did something (can’t remember)


Mosey to Goal line.  Divide into two groups.  Clydesdale and Thoroughbred

Clydesdale has 40 seconds to run 100 yds

Thoroughbred has 30 seconds to run 100 yds

Rinse and repeat about 8ish times (may have been 6)


Mosey to track for 4 pain stations. Jog/run 100 meters between each station

Station 1 – 30 squats

Station 2 – 30 calf raises

Station 3 – 30 lunges (total)

Station 4 – 30 Jump Squats


LBC’s until all PAX finish.


Find your partner.  AYG sprint up the hill to the parking lot for COT

Loser does 10 burpees





Heels to heaven



-YHC arrived with a headache, no watch (thank you Radar for your generosity), and loose shorts, which almost dropped to the ground during SSH resulting in losing the cadence.  Props to the PAX for continuing to count.

-maybe size did matter on the partner selections because Runstopper and his short arms is a merkin machine.  He probably should have spotted Radar 40 Merkins to make it fair.  I think he did 104 in 2 minutes??!

-There was also some questioning regarding the form of some partners during the merkins.  Head bobbers had their way in this competition.  *Asterisk*

-During the second 800 competition YHC kept thinking…should have audibled to a 400.  Probably a lot of other PAX having similar thoughts.

-There were a few fairly swift runners who snuck into the Clydesdale division somehow.  YHC will not name names.  You know who you are.

-Always a privilege to lead some great men and great athletes.  See you in the gloom.



-F3 Olympics Saturday

-F3 pool party.  Everyone needs to RSVP

-two 3rd F opportunities today.  Threshold is at noon in south park bojangles

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10 years ago

Clydesdale division is based on weight, not speed. No shame here. I regretted eschewing Pudding Pop as a partner as I lost all but one event to Splinter. Good lead, Splinter. Take some advil for that headache.

Reply to  Gummy
10 years ago

Gummy. I think you beat me twice. You beat me on the 2nd 800 and on the sit ups.

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