Paincave 300

  • When:06/10/14
  • QIC: Busch
  • The PAX: Brown, Bananas, Robinhood, Harley, Clown Car, Lab Rat, Night Court, Fletch, Pseu Pseudio, Young Love, Country Livin', Pickle, Swiss Miss, Alf, Yankee, Semi Gloss, Puddin Pop, Blue grass, Hacker, Father 's Bum, Scratch and Win, Hot wings, Hairband

Paincave 300

paincaveFind people with like sized bells, circle up near them…these will be your brothers in suffering today, but also I hope they will be your brothers of encouragement. In life you need people to encourage you, but also it is important to have people encouraging you that are going through the exact same thing, or have already gone through it before and can help guide you through. We often don’t realize how one word of encouragement can be the one thing that gets us through when the waves are crashing down all around us and we don’t think we can take another step.

Everyone turn in their watches so no one knows how much time is left until the workout is over.

The recipe to find your Paincave:

Warm up with 15 two handed swings and 15 two handed push presses.

50 Two Handed Swings
50 Single Handed Push Presses total (finish with two handed if needed to reach 50)
50 Lawnmower Rows
50 Tri Extensions (finish with Diamonds if needed to reach 50)
50 Single Handed Curls total (finish with two handed if needed to reach 50)
50 Merkins
Repeat until time is up…enjoy!


It was a warm, humid morning, but the Pax seriously brought the heat! It is always and honor to lead the fine men of the South. It was great to see the regulars, Pickle made his long awaited return after baseball season, and one FNG (Hot Wings) made his debut at a very non-FNG friendly workout (It was impressive he made it through!). The workout definitely did it’s job, and seeing many hunched over or on all fours cathing their breath spoke that there was no running needed. With the work everyone put in, many found themselves in their own paincave. Semi-Gloss’ jaw may be a bit more sore than his muscles…but he was still getting after it in between his sets of talking. How many sets did you do today Semi?..of talking that is. It is always a good sign that the muscles are exhausted when people ask to do some running so they can have a recovery period. Brown has quickly become one with his 50 pounder and will be buying Tiger Rag’s 60 pounder in no time since he doesn’t show up to use it. Header used TR’s 45 last Wednesday and decided to fly to Philly to make sure he wasn’t peer pressured into having to use it again. Bulldog claims to have a “lower back injury” to which Bananas asked if Bulldog even had a lower back. While timing next to Stagecoach at a swim meet last night, he thought he might fartsack because of it ending late due to lightning delay…I guess he is a man of his word. Not sure where Goodhands was this morning, he’s so strong he probably opted to workout on his own so he would get one in worth his time instead of my rubbish. Fletch skipped Fast Twitch and showed up this morning to bust it out to show he’s still got it. A couple of times I thought Night Court was walking away to his car to go home, but he always turned and came back for more with determination to beat his bell. Robinhood showed what a man of years and conviction could do by being the War Daddy that never quits. Congratulations to Chanel on the healthy birth of his new youngin’…isn’t that what they call them out there in Waxhaw and if you are a friend of Brown’s?

Sign up ended for the CSUP Olympics and pool party yesterday…so I guess you are out, or call Runstopper (who also didn’t show up this morning…) to see if he will allow you to come to his shindig.

Encourage those around you, you never know what is going on and what a spoken word of encouragement can do for their lives.

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Hair Band
9 years ago

Solid Q!

Great word & reminder that through the day it’s easy to judge someones actions but we don’t always know what storm they may be in the middle of. Some words of encouragement could make a difference for someone today.

9 years ago

You have set the bar high Busch! Great job! The fiddy is unruly, but that beatdown with any weight is just as grueling! If you came to the KB clinics and came today, cardio is a plenty without running at SkunkWorks! Please provide IV bags with your disclaimer next time as the muscle cramps just won’t stop! And yes, 2.0’s are commonly referred to as young’uns ‘cross the county line. But remember, you are still below the Mason-Dixon, so don’t let these city folk try to tell you different!

9 years ago

Thanks for the shout out Busch! Baby and mom are doing great! Hate I missed your Q but I will be back soon to see my brethren in the gloom.

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