34C and Concentric Circles

  • When:06/07/2014
  • QIC: Intel
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Spandex, Tadpole, Teddy, Blue Mold, Dead Lift (FNG – welcome!), Skywalker, Iron Horse, Harley, Voodoo, Narc, Hannibal, Donkey Kong (aka Run Stopper), Joker, Gummie, Intel (QIC)

34C and Concentric Circles

The Thang

1) Mosey to the front parking lot for COP: SSH x 25

2) Concentric Circle Runs (5) and return to start for laddered COP IC incremented as follows….

4x(Merkinx6) / Plank / 3x(PeterParkerx10) / Plank / 2x(WideArmx5) / Plank / 1x(ParkerPeterx10)

While PAX assembles between loops: Squats x 20; LBC x 20; IW x 20; Squats x 20

3) Mosey to soccer field center: Pax rotated to each corner of the field and…

x 20 for each corner: Russian Twist, Burpees, LBC’s, Partner Derkins

Plank in middle between stations until all 4 corners completed

4) Indian run to field by Rea Road and….

Golf-o-Rama w/7 iron: 3 minute planks, 13 burprees, 32 Dolly’s

5) Indian run to Pavilion and….

(Peoples chair w/leg raises + inverted 1 armed planks) x 2

6) Return to start for merry IC….

CDD x 15; LS Flutter x 20; Burpees x 10 (OYO)


Oh, I guess I should explain the name on this post – “34C”. “34C” would be the plane seat to which I was assigned to on a 5 ½ hour return flight to Charlotte last night – they are not some “other” measurement guys! For those unaccustomed to air travel, on this particular plane model, 34C would be the non-reclining last row seat that abuts the rear of the pane rest room. Odor + constant flushing + sleep deprivation = grumpy Q. Sorry guys, I did not roll out the wrong side of the bed, I never got to bed. I hope my grumpiness was not too evident this morning.

As for the “concentric circles” portion of the title, which as you all know worked its way into our running today, that would relate to the water motion during the 393 flushes that kept waking me up on the plane. OK, enough of this silliness……  

Nice work Pax!!! We worked a good portion of the property today and welcomed Ryan (Dead Lift) to the Pax. Welcome Dead Lift! Also worthy of mention was Narc, FNG as of 6/4 returning for his second beat down. Come and get it boys!

A member of the Pax (I think Blue Mold?) reported that we covered 3.6 miles during the effort.  I did not verify this with the US Weights & Measures Department, but it sounded about right.

In a shameless borrow from Hops and Hannibal I introduced some numbered golf balls, a 7 iron, and random drawings in honor of US Open. Harley, I was going to suggest you spend more time at the driving range, but actually I think you probably had the best swing form and your adrenaline just got the best of you. Joker – with the Adam Sandler 1 armed swing – was long ball for the day. Nice!

As it frequently stated in these posts, it was an honor to lead this morning gentlemen.  Thank you for the opportunity.


F3 Olympics next Saturday, 6/14 at 6AM. Location = Death Valley.

RSVP to the 2nd Annual Candlewyck Pool Party next Saturday June 14 (details on website & twitter). Run Stopper says it will be EPIC!!!!! Note that F3 Olympics awards ceremony will be held at the Candlewyck Pool Party.

Be on the lookout for October 4, 2104 Mud Run signs up. Details to on web site soon.

F3 Annual Golf Tournament. The event is 364 days from now but Skywalker wanted it noted for those who require extreme advanced planning.

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9 years ago

Great job Intel. That was a smoker for sure.

9 years ago

Great lead, Intel. That was my first Saturday workout and it lived up to the billing. Thanks for pushing us for the whole hour.

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