EPIC 2nd Annual Schools Out / Summer’s In Pool Party

  • When:06/14/14
  • QIC: High Tide, Runstopper, Bugeater
  • The PAX: Area 51

EPIC 2nd Annual Schools Out / Summer’s In Pool Party


ep·ic   adjective \ˈe-pik\

a: telling a story about a hero or about exciting events or adventures

b: extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope

Runstopper is right; this is gonna be epic!

The Thang:
Candlewyck has once again answered the EH by agreeing to host Area 51’s 2nd Annual pool party (some folks never learn), and the conditions look perfect.

Saturday, June 14, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

    • CSAUP Olympics that morning – awards at the pool party
    • Good Food
    • Saltwater Pool  (don’t forget your swimsuits!)
    • Playground for the Kids (or pullups for the pax)
    • Basketball Court  (bring balls, if you like)
    • And, Sandpit Volleyball Court for an epic rematch against the home team


Hard Commits (HCs) are needed by the Pax asap – not later than Monday, June 9!  Click here to HC.

Cost is only $10 per family.

Each family is to bring a dish, according to last name:

    • A – L:  main dish
    • M – S:  side dish
    • T – Z:  dessert

BYOB – no bottles or glass, please!

A few large coolers with ice would be nice for shared use, so please bring one if you can.

Bring cornhole & other games if you have ’em.

Bring Shovel Flags!

Also, please comment below if you can help with post-party clean up!



TBW (To Be Written, as we know it’ll be…epic)

I’m sure I’ve forgotten to list something you need to know, so sound off in the comments.  Aye!

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Stone Cold
10 years ago

You forgot, Mall Cop sponsored cannonball splash contest. Winner, if you can beat Mall Cop, gets M. Mallcop’s latest novel, autographed.
Mic Check’s M makes a mean banana pudding! #blueribbonwinner
Oh and someone remind DK to shave his back before going into the pool. #draino
EPIC, wasn’t that a movie about little people?

Hair Band
10 years ago

Because TR said so…

“No” on the party for me and the fam.

We will be headed to N. Myrtle for the week.
And by the way if anyone will be out that way hit me up on twitter maybe we can plan a downpainment, already a soft commit from “Lee”.

I need to balance my vacation food intake with some exercise. If nothing else I have “Belly Flop” (2.0) with me along with my girls.

Slim Fast
Reply to  Hair Band
10 years ago

Tell Lee (Scott) hi for Slimfast. He and I did a North Myrtle workout over Spring Break.

10 years ago

Brown and fam will be there! (4)

10 years ago

Was having some trouble with the Evite RSVP, but finally got it to go through with a different email address. I’m technically challenged, so probably just user error of some sort. Anyway, looking forward to the party. Men… be prepared for lots of Runstopper without his shirt on… to the amazement of all the M’s… this is what we will all be hearing after the party… “Honey, you do F3 all the time… why don’t you have pecs and biceps like Mr. Runstopper?”

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