Punt Pass & Kick at The Charge

  • When:06/04/14
  • QIC: Hopper
  • The PAX: Mutt, Chowda, Bridges, Beetle, John Deere, Cornfed, Snowflake, Hopper (QIC), 50 Shades

Punt Pass & Kick at The Charge

[Posted on behalf of Hopper on the occasion of his most excellent Q job this day]

Nine pax including one Charge FNG (Snowflake) posted at PDS this morning.  The break in humidity seemed to be broken itself as the air felt a little thicker this morning.  After the Q admitted he was not a professional (not a real surprise to anyone) here is what the pax got into:




Mosey to basketball court with high knees, butt kickers and lunges mixed in.


SSH X 25

IW X 15

Arm Circles Forward X 15

Arm Circles Backward X 15

Freddy Mercury (normal speed) x 25

FM (slow speed) X 15


The Thang:


Mosey to Upper Field.


Circle up for plank exercise.  Plank shuffle ten strides to the left, hold, six inches, hold, six inches, plank shuffle back to the right ten strides, hold, right arm behind your back, hold, left arm behind your back, regular.



Pick a partner.  Partner 1 planks while partner 2 does 20 decline merkins with feet on partner 1s back. Flapjack.


Mosey to Headmaster’s House.  Line up single file for Indian Run.  Ran through school ground entry way, down to Sardis Presbyterian Church, back up Sardis Rd. and back down the entryway of PDS.


Mosey to parking lot in front of fieldhouse.  Time for a Mary break:



20 Flutters

20 Rosalitas


Mosey to Football Field:


I did not have a name for this drill so I self-dubbed it “Glory Days”.   Each member of the pax stood at the goal line of the field and one at a time threw a football as far as they could.   Once the football landed they shouted out an exercise and the pax dropped, stood, whatever and did 5 of said exercise, ran AYG to the ball, did 10 of the exercise, picked up the ball and ran AYG back to the goal line and completed 15 more of said exercise.  With 9 pax here is what we did:



Turkish Get Ups


Heels to Heaven

Hand Release Merkins

Side Lunges

Diamond Merkins

Knees to Chest



Mosey to track/stands wall for Wall Work:


Hands out

Left leg up

Right leg up

Arm raises (x2)


Mosey back to the parking lot with an AYG stretch from the stadium entrance to the gate.




As I say, the air was humid this morning and once we started the plank work, I did not have a dry spot on my shirt.  The pax really hung in there and gave it their all.  Frankly, everyone’s pace was right on board with everyone else so it was a strong push by all!  Thanks to all of you men for contributing to the Glory Days drill by coming up with an exercise.  It’s nice to have crowd participation.  One last thing….I had made a commitment yesterday that this workout included zero burpees……and I stayed true to that until one unnamed pax (fine…..it was 50 Shades) made that the last exercise of Glory Days.  The truth is that was the right way to end it, so thanks for keeping on us on task 50!  Great job men…..it was a pleasure leading today!




  • There is a 5K for Billingsville Elementary this weekend.
  • There is still space to join the F3 24 Hours of Booty team.  Check the website.


Snowflake…..thank you for taking us out in Ball of Man!


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9 years ago

A BB for The Charge, NICE! Hopper, sorry to miss your Q, looks like it was a great workout. I had already committed to Anvil this morning. Good work men!

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