Mom… There’s a Monster (Tire) Under my Bed

  • When:5/31/14
  • QIC: Zip-A-Dee & Countertop
  • The PAX: Glass Joe, Double E, The Late Show, Snowman, Milton, Aragorn (2.0), Drop Thrill, Countertop, Zip-A-Dee

Mom… There’s a Monster (Tire) Under my Bed

Glass Joe, Double E, The Late Show, Snowman, Milton, Aragorn (2.0), Drop Thrill, Countertop, Zip-A-Dee

9 Men left it all on the fields of Outland for this Saturday’s beatdown. 3 men started the morning with a pre-Outland Kettle Bell Beatdown 6:15-6:45 (details in the “Moleskin” below) the fun continued on from 7-8 with Zip-A-Dee kicking things off.



–          SSH X25

–          IW X20

–          Peter Parker X20

–          Parker Peter X20

Mosey to the Pitch for the 300 (Thanks Uncle Leo, love this one)

–          25 Jump Ropes

–          25 Merkins

–          25 Back Scratchers

–          25 Jump Squats (they had another name with a bomb in it but can’t remember)

Rinse and repeat 3Xs to complete a total of 300 said exercises.

Mosey on over to SVHS for some tire work.  Hrm, okay Q calls an audible based on the leering looks he got from the PAX.  #don’thurtyourself

Mosey back to the football practice field for suicide work and partner up.

P1 performs said exercise

P2 runs 5 stage suicides 30 yards

–          Exercise A. (100 hanging supine pull-ups combined)

–          Exercise B. (200 Freddie Mercury’s combined)

Rock Pile (pick a big’en)

–          Curls x10

–          Burpees x10

–          Overhead Tricep extensions x10

–          Burpees x10

–          Rock Squats x15

–          Burpees x10

Ring of Fire

–          Everyone picked the most painful routing we could think of so that others could enjoy while we moseyed around the ring. I don’t remember what each selection was but I do remember that most included the rock.


–          Sprint width of practice field / plank

–          Merkins x10

–          Backpeddle width of practice field / plank

–          Hip raises with one leg elevated x10 each leg

–          Karaoke Right width of practice field / plank right

–          Cumberland County Viaduct Right

–          Karaoke Left width of practice field / plank left

–          Cumberland County Viaduct left

–          High knees width of practice field

–          Butt kickers width of practice field

–          Hip raises with one leg elevated x10 each leg

6 MoM

–          various core work including the Tony Hawk.

Mosey back to Shovel Flag for COT


The Pre workout KB Beatdown is worth mentioning this (end every) week. The beatdown consisted 3 rounds through the 5 stations. Between each round was an impromptu core session lead by each of the 3 attendees in turn. For those who have not attended an Outland style Kettle Bell Beatdown (KBB) I highly recommend it. It’s always a good time and sometimes accompanied by some bad music to make you work harder.

–          Two arm KB swing

–           Single arm KB swing

–          Snatches

–          Mike Tyson K/O punches with dumbbells

–          -Jump Rope (cause you gotta have cardio)

Zip-A-Dee spotted some tires from a distance that we almost made good use of today. On the mosey over to the tires we were shouting out ideas for how we could use these big rubber doughnuts. The usual ideas came to mind… tire flips, tire burpees. overhead carries etc. As we got a little closer we found ourselves staring straight into the face of some real pain. several of the tires weighed a couple hundred pounds. In the name of self preservation the PAX turned around and high tailed it on to the next pain station.

Tony Hawk reared his ugly head for the second time at Outland. This combo merkin/core/agility exercise provoked lotsa chatter.

Congrats to Horse Head who skipped out on Outland so he could bring the F3 pain train to his home town of Florence (no, not Itlay, although that IS where he got his nickname… Italy… The Godfather… Horse Head. Get it?) in his own words “Launch was good times.  We had over 30 show up, with 19 from Florence.  15 were FNGs…”

19 FNGs is a GREAT turnout.

 Also, Kudos to Hair Band who was absent this week so that he could run a local 5k in support of a family in need. HB, feel free to share the details if you want.

NEWS:   Outland will be closed on June 14th in support of the F3 Area 51 CSAUP Olympics. All PAX are highly encouraged to go and participate. Should be lotsa fun.

that is all… – CT

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Bomb Jacks I believe they were called.

Not sure why we left the tires, I’ve flipped a few in my days. Good leg work. Although there were a few monsters there that I wouldn’t touch.

My LBC’s with the rock seemed to make the PAX go wild in the ROF.

Always an honor to work out in the semi-gloom with you gentlemen.

Ran my first 5 miler Sunday. Slow and steady, that’s the way.


Hair Band
9 years ago

I am a little confused on the lack of tire use, are these different from the big ones at Kevlar? If not I see those in a future Q. 🙂

As far as the 5k as most of you know I hate running but this was an #Iam3rd thing for me.

First my 17yr old daughter was supposed to run with me but the Weddington varsity girls soccer team that she plays for made it to the state championship Saturday (that they unfortunately lost in the last minute.)
So Belly Flop (2.0) ran with me. We had a time of 37:12

Not great, but Conner said he wanted to take her place Thursday night when we found out she made the championship and he had not trained at all. We stopped a few times and the last time we caught our breath for about 100 feet with about a 1/4 mile left and did a jail break AYG to finish strong.

I still don’t like running just so nobody gets excited 🙂 but it was a good experience and worth it to help our neighbor. A bunch of news crews were there, here is one of the stories:

Thankful for F3 for getting me in enough shape to even do this! Aye!

Hair Band
9 years ago

Oh by the way my 15yr old daughter ran also but in her words “I don’t like running with people, I listen to music so I don’t hear my breathing.” So Belly Flop and I were on our own.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

That’s a great first 5k time HB! I’m still not even close to that with my trail runs. lol

These tires were massive. There were some normal ones like I’ve used at boot camps, and then there were these massive ones that were just huge.

Hair Band
9 years ago

Thanks, you keep up your 5 milers and prep for a 10k and you will blow right past me.

I like to pick things up and put them down, unlike many F3 PAX I am no gazelle. #empennage #caboose #six

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

I love sitting on my #six except when Counter Top is in charge… then pain is coming.

9 years ago

DT, super-proud of you brother! You are even speaking the F3 lingo?! #lexicon you are really drinking the kool-aid! A far cry from the guy who swore this off for a few years. Awesome work, brother! Also, I’m glad to hear you were up for the tires after what I’ve put you through 🙂

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Byron
9 years ago

Well if Big League Chew wasn’t making F3 sound like playing with grenades maybe I’d have posted earlier. LOL j/k

As Morpheus said:

Morpheus: No, what happened, happened and couldn’t have happened any other way.
Neo: How do you know?
Morpheus: We are still alive.

The SkyQ knows what He is doing.

Double E
9 years ago

Excellent job out there fellas! Great work by all for sure. There is something to be said for the ol’ school beat down delivered when CT & Zip are on Q! DT, keep up the great work and HB, congrats on the 5K! I think you are a closet runner! Unleash the cheetah my friend!

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